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    Bored in Yakima Wa!

    Most of the trails on both Cle Elum and Naches Ranger Districts are closed till mid June. You can look at my forum, or the Eastern Washington Adventures site to see what may be going on in the area. Or you could come have a beer with me while I try to "work" on my Scout :D
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    Newbie Thread

    Jeff Campbell is in Lima. Pick his brains...
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    Of oil pans and dipsticks: truck vs Scout

    Let me know how you do on the bolt! I'm in the same boat:helpsmilie:
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    Tuning Trouble - New Holley 4bbl

    "... after doing the test, do a leak-down test if you have the tools. then put that intake cover-plate over the intake and find a carb that is more compatible." Yup, like a 350cfm Holley 2300. You may be able to jet a 400 4bbl down to where it's bearable, but you're still gonna have tuning...
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    Tuning Trouble - New Holley 4bbl

    Okay, I don't claim to know near as much about these critters as Trev, but I think you may be a bit big on that carb! I've run some numbers on my 345 while I'm getting it ready to go in the rustmobile, and I come up with a max of just over 400cfm on it. What I came up with on a 304 before mine...
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    Which of these coolers for my T/Flite should I use?....

    That's okay, I'm painting my 345 Mopar orange
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    Manual to Auto

    "correct bull gear for your t-case"...Huh? This is a new one for me.
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    This blows, literally!!! - Blowby questions for 258 I6...

    Just drop a 4.0L HO in it and be done...
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    anybody running 33x12.5x15 on a 12 inch rim?

    If you're going expect any life out of your tires, don't go over 10". Around this neck of the woods, a lot of us run 33-35" tires on our trail rigs on 8" rims. Protects the bead, and aired down to about 6lbs, they work great in sand. 35's at 3lbs in snow work great on 8" rims. Guess i don't see...
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    Who's active in WA State?

    You can find out quite a bit about things on this site Lots of trail info, and more than a bit of BS. Timber Crawler is almost a waste as far as wheeling, but it's a good place to go for a laugh. My site, has a fair amount of land use...
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    Shirley Laird

    Hey now, North Bend ain't no suburb :nono:I grew up there:D
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    Shirley Laird

    Shirley lived north of North Bend, in the Lakeside area. Moved there after he quit logging and sold Pacific Construction. He was one of the last real highball loggers in Curry County. My Brother-In-Law drove log truck and lowboy for him for years. Sum***** could drink:beer:
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    Muffler vs. Glass pack?

    Another thing to consider is if you visit USFS or BLM ground, glasspacks are illegal. They are not a spark arrestor, and will generate a ticket if you get stopped by a gummit LEO.
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    another 4bbl carb thread

    Run the numbers on a flow calculator with 4K as the max rpm, and a 345 comes up just shy of 400cfm. Hence, mine's getting an 8007 400cfm Holley...
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    Nick Osiek Memorial Trail Run

    '77 Scout Terravler SOA, RS, and Flat-topped 304 (stock), T-19 wide box w/ dana 300, and 35" Rubbs '80 Scout II SOA, RS, and Flat-topped 4BT Cummins Diesel w/ ZF 5-speed w/ NP205 Two rigs I'm some familiar with:D And one of these days, you need to tell the WHOLE story of that blue...