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  1. DT466

    Anyone able to transport a V line dump truck?

    Yes, glass and rubber are the same on V and S series except the V series has 2 cowl vents.
  2. DT466

    L120 Rear End

    The 4.11 rear gears are easy to find, the 3.73s are rare. As was hinted at, 1/2 and 3/4 ton front spindles are the same, so 5 lug front hubs are a bolt-on. TSM sells a disc brake kit for the half ton axle which is the same bolt pattern as the 8.8 rear.
  3. DT466

    Engine of Jeep towed in 4L spontaneously dissassembles

    The 50,000 theoretical rpm is based on 4L and first gear. The video said it was in 4L, but I didn't hear what gear it was in. Doesn't really matter, I would guess the flywheel disintegrated well before 50K. Dean
  4. DT466

    Brake line tools

    Nicopp is more corrosion resistant than the original mild steel, isn't it? Dean
  5. DT466

    64 scout "Covid Project"

    Looking great! I'll be watching for more. Dean
  6. DT466

    1971 Travelall DoubleCab pickup conversion

    Nice progress! I like it. Dean
  7. DT466

    1973 1210

    Maybe it had a front-fender-mounted CB antenna because it had a camper. Dean
  8. DT466

    Farmall M hydraulic pump

    Thanks for the insight and ideas, Dana. Those are options I hadn't thought of. Dean
  9. DT466

    Farmall M hydraulic pump

    Kevin, Thanks for the reply. The shaft looks good, nice and smooth. I posted on Red Power too. The answer was that as the needles in the bearing wear, there is room for them to run at an angle, which creates side thrust. Makes sense to me. The answer, I was told is to replace with bronze...
  10. DT466

    Farmall M hydraulic pump

    I'm in the process of fixing a bunch of oil leaks on my Farmall M so it doesn't drip on the floor, and in preparation for an eventual repaint. One of the leaks is from the belly- mounted (between the clutch and transmission, installs from the bottom) Lift-All hydraulic pump input shaft. I...
  11. DT466

    Pulled sweet old binder from former farmer's field, got hooked, help.

    Vacuum over hydraulic trailer brakes maybe? Dean
  12. DT466

    VW Buys Navistar International

    So, just out of curiosity, did Navistar or SLL give CaseIH the right to use the Scout name on its UTVs? Dean
  13. DT466

    VW Buys Navistar International

    Are you referring to the Powerstroke engines built for Ford or the more recent emission medium-duty engines not meeting emission requirements? The Powerstroke engines definitely had some design flaws, including the EGR cooler as you mentioned. Aftermarket coolers with improved designs show...
  14. DT466

    Finally done (if that is ever actually possible)

    Great job! I like that the finish and trim is consistent throughout the vehicle. Dean