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Dave Ball
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  • hello dave
    I have many photos and original WWII marine corps red book for sale , could you tell me if it's possible to sell that on Binder. will be great , regards
    Fair enough. I did join several days ago, so I've mostly been reading a lot of the threads about these trucks. Thanks for the info, it sort of lets me know I'm going to be talking a price range that I like.
    Without seeing it kind of tough but even a body and rolling frame are worth $900.
    Why not join the planet and ask in the forums there are more M-2-4 people there.
    I have not been in the M2 loop for about 12 years. Spending my time on the M3 and M5 big trucks.
    Take Care
    It seems that you are at least aware of most of the stuff here in Ca. Know anything about a M-2-4 in Reche Canyon, near Riverside? If you do, or if you don't, what is a rough one worth? Thanks, wbrianiii.
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