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Recent content by Darren Y.

2021 Arizona International Harvester Rendezvous
  1. Darren Y.

    6 lug rims ona travelall

    I have (5) 17.5 dually (non-splits) with the 6x7.25 bolt pattern + 1 standard non-dually rim same size/ bolt pattern I can text pics if needed, located in Sparks, NV 89436
  2. Darren Y.

    can someone decode this vin plate?

    I'm trying to decode this vin plate: SB584687B It is a D1200 with 131" WB my guess is 1965 3/4 ton longbed?
  3. Darren Y.

    What Name did you give your Scout????

    My 77 Terra use to be referred to as Thumper, (345 .020 over with an RV cam & old Flowmasters)
  4. Darren Y.

    IHC Inline 6 Discussion Group

    nope just a 4 speed I had lying on the shop floor, among many others, input shaft was the same length/10 spline, holes for the bell housing matched, I would assume it was out of a 70's IH
  5. Darren Y.

    What Name did you give your Scout????

    My first a 64 Scout was referred to as the InterTHRASHional
  6. Darren Y.

    IHC Inline 6 Discussion Group

    I put a synchro'd 4 speed behind my 241, then when it dropped a valve, & I picked up a 240 for cheap I put the same synchro'd 4 speed behind it. it was a direct bolt in
  7. Darren Y.

    identifying a SS

    I just picked up G0052GGD37965 I think it's a '77 SSII??
  8. Darren Y.

    Scout II clutch linkage

    a big *** spring?
  9. Darren Y.

    75 Pickup in Cheap Truck Challenge

    this was literally in my back yard (~12 miles away)
  10. Darren Y.

    69 truck - turn signal switch does not cancel

    you need one of the but get the right part # for your '69 truck (have to do some research the right part # for my '68 T-all came from a dodge van)
  11. Darren Y.

    The 'D' series parts thread

    I've got a '73 1 ton parts truck,,, + misc parts mostly '71-'73
  12. Darren Y.

    Need a Traveler tub

    a better deal than mine ( & ready to go was mine has 5 dead vehicles in front of it)
  13. Darren Y.

    Need a Traveler tub

    I have one... old pics but still have it Sparks, NV
  14. Darren Y.

    Time to build the project truck (yes really)

    looking good, nice documentation of your build!
  15. Darren Y.

    Frame question

    + I think the 1 ton has an extra crossmember...??