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Recent content by Dan Powlus da duke

2021 Arizona International Harvester Rendezvous
  1. Dan Powlus da duke

    New Scout arrivals

    As always, dude, nice finds! :punk: Dan
  2. Dan Powlus da duke


    Found a couple more ads ( In the Nat. Geo's, thanks guys!) March 1979 in the front clump of advertisements. January 1979 - open the cover and there's the identical ad. Still looking for all the other cool stuff you guys have been posting ...
  3. Dan Powlus da duke

    1978 Scout2 new arrival from out west

    I like the color! I just wish there were some Scouts left in Michigan, but with Darren around ....:)
  4. Dan Powlus da duke

    Scout/IH truck Sightings

    Scout II in the parking lot as the "Auction Hunters" pull into a container auction - sorry about not knowing the air date, but was the most recent one.
  5. Dan Powlus da duke

    Christmas Binder Planet T Shirt Giveaway

    XL Michigan - Merry Christmas!!!!
  6. Dan Powlus da duke

    79 traveler accuired today

    nice truck Darren!
  7. Dan Powlus da duke

    Happy Birthday Rick Houser!

    I'm always so late on this stuff! :-( Anyways, happy belated birthday! Hope it was a great one full of IH gifts! Dan
  8. Dan Powlus da duke

    '77 Traveler Diesel

    Justin- I can't even begin to tell you how jealous I am! It loks great! Keep up the good work - I expect to see this next year in the Jamestown Memorial Day parade! Dan
  9. Dan Powlus da duke

    Power coated parts!

    Nice!!! :)
  10. Dan Powlus da duke

    Travelall represents international at 2012 st ignace car show!

    Thanks for repping not only IH, but Great lakes Binders as well! Looks like a good time! :punk: Dan
  11. Dan Powlus da duke


    Found an article in the June 2011 Better Homes and Gardens magazine about a lady with a beach house - but the cover photo shows and mentions her 1978 Scout.
  12. Dan Powlus da duke

    Scout/IH truck Sightings

    I think Tom Selleck may have liked Scouts -he also drove one in a tv/movie about a guy named Stone.
  13. Dan Powlus da duke


    Looking good!:punk:
  14. Dan Powlus da duke

    Win a free BINDER PLANET T Shirt

    XL in Michigan!
  15. Dan Powlus da duke

    Scout/IH truck Sightings

    @ Tyson - nice catch! Looks like its in a junkyard - so the question here will be - where was it shot? lol!