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2021 Arizona International Harvester Rendezvous
  1. cudakota

    Daughter/Father Build ’69 800A

    Congrats on the sale Jay! You're not alone, we're also really going to miss this Scout. Such a great build, with impeccable attention to detail, and unforgiving quality. With any luck we'll keep seeing it around here on BP. Looking forward to the next one!
  2. cudakota

    Scout II rad bolt tabs on the side which bolt location is correct.

    Mind BLOWN. I always thought my Scout was twisted.:wacko:
  3. cudakota

    West Coast Jr. Mirror Repair

    Maybe you can try checking out stores that sells accessories and lights for semi trucks if you need hardware or doodads for your westcoast mirrors.
  4. cudakota

    My new scout build. 77 traveler

    Wow that looks really nice! Looking forward to seeing your progress:yes:
  5. cudakota

    Travelette to Dodge Chassis

    The good news is it's a 96 Dodge, so it's pre-98, so no Diesel smog for it either anyway. Also, I have heard that some counties up there in Northern California (Chico I believe is one) have little to no smog checking in some zip codes.
  6. cudakota

    Arm Rests

    You could also upholster them. Wrap them in vinyl or leather or whatever you can get your hands on that'll look good. That way you could fill the one that has chunks missing and nobody will see the difference. FWIW I fixed a steering wheel a similar way. It's like a foam rubber that was...
  7. cudakota

    17 years later

    Subscribed. Looking forward to your progress here. Also, there was a guy here a few years ago that had a build thread going for dropping an OM617 into a Scout, I think it might have also been a Traveler.
  8. cudakota

    Questions on Questions on Questions

    Check the sticker that's usually under the hood of normal vehicles. It might be one with a vacuum diagram or otherwise a note about emissions. You need to find the part that says if this vehicle was built for California emissions, or if it's federal emissions (49 state emissions, or US EPA...
  9. cudakota

    Travelette to Dodge Chassis

    As a Mopar fan, Cummins fan, and IH fan, this checks all the boxes. Looking forward to your progress! FYI there was a build posted a few years ago here where somebody in San Diego put a Travelette onto a mid-90s Chevy 1500 pickup. Last I recall, he was trying to sell it. Here are the links...
  10. cudakota

    17in wheels on 8 lugs?

    Did you mount a scale model of your first Airporter on the roof of your other Airporter? :stuart: Well that's one way to get a roof rack.
  11. cudakota

    Columbus..the 1957 IH 4x4

    You might not find hinge pins with fancy spiral cuts, but if you measure the diameter and length of what you've got, you'll probably find something from Dorman or Auveco or another vendor, at least with the straight knurl like that and the right kind of steel... I recently replaced hinge pins...
  12. cudakota

    Buying this 1974

    Just a question: That Scout looks like they've been doing a lot of work to it recently, and it seems to be in great shape... so how in the world would someone just lose the keys and put it up for sale like that without keys? Seems a bit fishy. :cornfused:
  13. cudakota

    Bills 1961 IH Scout 80 restomod

    I'm digging that paint scheme: the fade from blue to yellow, with some patina. Sounds like a cool build, welcome to BP!
  14. cudakota

    1980 rear disk conversion help please !!

    post updated with additional info
  15. cudakota

    1980 rear disk conversion help please !!

    I think they're still doing that. Never been inside but last I checked they are still in business. I have the famous late 70s Cadillac El Dorado rear disc swap done on my Scout, and I feel like my brakes are really good all things considered, however I've never driven it on drums. I do have...