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2022 Arizona International Harvester Rendezvous
Colin Rush
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  • Tonight, I was searching the web & happened to find your posts on 06-11 & 09-18, 2007 with picts. of a wood sheller like 1 I have. Do u have more info. about the sheller you posted? Mine has IH A320 molded on it. Do u know if the 1 in your picts is that model? If not, do u have info. about my model? I'm trying to find info. on who made it, dates, where, etc. I sure appreciate any help that u can give me. Thx!
    Does anyone know if Colin Rush is available to respond to posts from other members?
    Colin Rush
    Colin Rush
    Good Evening,
    I am not quite sure why I didn't get notified that you had posted this, but I just saw this tonight. Guessing that you may have identified yours by now. If not, I am willing to help. Feel free to e-mail me at "", and I will do what I can.
    I'm in on this for at least 4 days for sure! E-mail me with any updates. I've been to the steens many times so I know a little bit about the area. Amazing views and beautiful scenery!
    I've noticed you have a lot of info regarding books on all sort of vehicles.
    I'm looking for info on the KR-8R. I've found some info that is pointing towards a book called "observer's fighting vehicle directory, WW II" from Bart Vanderveen. On page 52 in that book there should be info on the KR-8R. Would you be able to find this?
    ChrisCo from Belgium.
    I just bought a 1950 L110 in Portland and will pick it up in two weeks. I will post when I get it here to the general forum. What I want to know: Are the avatars with the IH Ladies available as a tin, poster, sticker or other decoration? I see that at least three are used and they would make good garage pin-ups.

    There is a 68 2wd travelall in West Linn for 150. I could use a few parts, (front doors, tail gate + Misc) Wondered if you would be interested in splitting it up with me.
    Hi Colin this is Hal Steward Jim told me you have Boat Style Rocker arms for sale I don't care if they are used or not as long as they are in good shape Need them for my 345 build Give me a call if you would THANKS 503 820 1984
    Colin, can you pass the word around your group that I have a cream puff Scout II for sale? I want to see it go to a collector or someone that will keep it original. Thanks, Ron

    Colin, I am going to have an OD bullgear made for a Warn OD to be put behind a BW11 that will go behind a 266 in a 1969 Scout 800. I need the output shaft for a 4wd unit as I understand it is longer than the 2wd version. I have a setup sitting on the shop floor but I need a spare shaft to send to the fabricator with the original Warn unit.
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