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chris rylance
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  • Chris:
    Happen across your message by accident. It's not something I think about to check. Anyway, the gauge cluster in question is made from the stock speedo housing. On my first attempt I made a new face plate but later used the stock plastic cover. I have a write up BUT its incomplete and there was a change in direction from my orginal concept. So keeping that in mind I can send it to you if you like. It is a LARGE file so that may be a issue. Let me know.

    Yeah that would be great just a pic of the the channel and the piece on the bikini top that slides into it.

    My full soft top is a Bestop, and my bikini is a Bestop too, so I can use either top with my windshield channel. I would think yours would work fine, but I just don't have any experience with the Kayline STC tops. You simply slide the bikini top into the windshield channel, button 2 snaps and attach to the roll bar and footman loops at the back, and its a done deal. Send me a PM if you'd like for me to take some pictures of my windshield channel so you can see for yourself.
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