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  1. Chris Cooper

    Pertronix ?

    The set I put in the M715 required me to remove something from the points plate (the points pivot, maybe?), thus rendering a backup set of points unusable. The IH distributor must not require such destruction to mount the Pertronix, then, JJ?
  2. Chris Cooper

    Happy Turkey Day All!

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, hope the day is filled with happiness and companionship.
  3. Chris Cooper

    My New '75 Scout II 81,000 Mile Truck

    I have the four-pin variation on the camper. Do not be tempted to tin the wires for durability before insertion into the terminals on that plug; you will not be able thread up the screws. DAMHIK.
  4. Chris Cooper

    Pertronix ?

    I bought the 1310 with one in it, and I installed one in my other old truck, and I'm glad I did. The only consideration with a Pertronix is they don't like low battery voltage: if your battery voltage is down, your truck won't start. Neither of mine have a Pertronix coil in them, and I've...
  5. Chris Cooper

    Let’s Discuss Airbags on a 1310 Rear Axle…

    I'm pretty much at wits end vis-a-vis airbags at this point, Jerry, even though I'm still totally sold on the idea and its benefits for my particular application. Harry and I will discuss it over beer on Friday, and I'll see what his ideas are. He's a gifted problem solver: you should see...
  6. Chris Cooper

    Let’s Discuss Airbags on a 1310 Rear Axle…

    That is tempting; wish I was able to make it happen. Thank you for both suggestions.
  7. Chris Cooper

    Let’s Discuss Airbags on a 1310 Rear Axle…

    Greg, I've examined that location at length, and the problem with it falls under "fab skills, tools, and facilities" mentioned above. The shock mount seems like it would have to be relocated on both sides, and the brake hose support would have be relocated on the DS, tasks I don't have a...
  8. Chris Cooper

    1969 Travelall - Back from the Dead

    That is a really nice T-All. Looking forward to the build.
  9. Chris Cooper

    Let’s Discuss Airbags on a 1310 Rear Axle…

    I hadn't thought of both, but I'm not sure I have that option, Jerry: lack of available space, fab skills, tools, and facilities are arguing strongly against airbags at this point. I can always carry my old Hi Lift for wheel removal. I'll keep you posted, I'm not going anywhere.
  10. Chris Cooper

    1974 Scout2 LS Swap with 4 Link Suspension

    Keeping the tank full must be stunningly expensive, if gas is as expensive as I remember it was in ‘87 when I was going to the UCR. Very nice build! ¡Puravida! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. Chris Cooper

    Let’s Discuss Airbags on a 1310 Rear Axle…

    I talked to Lew at Alcan Spring today, and he says a new set of springs would take care of my ride height issues, just need an axle weight, and near as makes no difference, $1000 (his material costs have gone up four times since I paid for my front springs in February). I’d lose the...
  12. Chris Cooper

    Let’s Discuss Airbags on a 1310 Rear Axle…

    Wow, they take air suspension to a new level.
  13. Chris Cooper

    Too Many Ads

    Right... that's a sensible remedy... Moving on...
  14. Chris Cooper

    Too Many Ads

    Is there an application for a Mac?
  15. Chris Cooper

    A 57 A120 4x4 followed me home , Now What ?

    One advantage to 235/85-16's is the popularity of that size brings a huge variety of tread types and reasonable prices.