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    Travis, it is too far for me to come and view the items, I decline your offer. Thanks, Carl

    Travis, it is too far for me to come and view the items, I decline your offer. Thanks, Carl
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    Merry christmas

    Merry Christmas to all our Binder friends. Hope you are all having a great day with your family & friends. Don't eat too much, don't drink too much, most of all don't drink and drive. Keep the the reason we have Christmas in your celebrations. Carl & Inge Herboth
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    Nick Osiek

    Re: Nic Osiek Our deepest sympathy to Beth and family. It was a shock when Bob called this morning. Just saw Nick this past Saturday at our Bi-State Binders Christmas meeting. He looked great and was doing so well. Nick was intending to go to Death Valley for the Scout Tour and we were possibly...
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    Bone Yards in Ft Collins Area

    Get in touch or visit Coonrod's in Grant, Co. Grant is SW of Denver. He has just about anything ever made for a Scout, thousands of parts. Phil is a great guy and may be able to help you. 49352 Hwy 285, Grant, CO. 80448 Phone: 303-838-8505 Good luck, Carl
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    December Meeting

    Just a reminder that our December meeting will be this Saturday, Dec.4th, at Pere Marquette State Park Lodge near Alton, IL. Should all be there for a Dutch Treat lunch and meeting around 11:00 am. Don't forget to bring an unwrapped toy or two in lieu of a gift exchange. The toys will be given...
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    Looking for clutch release bearing(throwout bearing) for 184 International

    Guy41 Thanks for your help and interest. I am not sure the old bearing was the original or even the correct type. I took the old bearing & carrier to a local bearing supply house and they matched up a BCA N-1720-which has a much more rounded face than the old one. It 's working great but...
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    Looking for clutch release bearing(throwout bearing) for 184 International

    I am looking for a clutch release or throwout bearing for 1978 - 1980 International 184. The 184 was the last model of the Cub-Lowboy. The # on the bearing I have is B R 1507 - 12 N Does anyone know where I can find one for a reasonable price? Case IH wants $178 for one, that's way too much...
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    Carl and I are going on Thursday, not sure what time though. Frank & Shelly will also be going. Are we still planning on doing recruiting at the Nationals? We have a 6 ft. light weight table we can bring, I can make posters, what about time slots for members to sit at the table? SOMEBODY let us...
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    Happy New Year! Wishing the best for everyone in 2010 and hope you all had a joyful and Merry Christmas! That ole lump of coal sure messes up a stocking. See you all soon'...
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    MO Government Auction - 17 October

    Thanks for the info Jason, but I am not letting Carl see this post!!:no: Has anyone checked out the pictures on midnitestar production's web site? Some cool pictures, some of the club members are even in them. Also congratulations to all who were winners at the Nationals, looks like almost...
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    Nationals trip

    Good to hear that you will be there Gary, hope your wife can make the trip also! We have reserved cabin #7 at Buck Creek, should hopefully leave here on Thursday, don't know what time though as we always have last minute things to get done. Frank & family will be there sometime late Friday...
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    July Meeting

    Carl and I are planning on coming. There is a good chance that Frank, his wife and one daughter will be coming also. With Frank it depends on the weather if he will be working or not. I lost the back chrome trim piece on my Traveler, drivers side. The piece is about 21 inches long, fits between...
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    Christmas party and Elections

    We hope everyone had a great Christmas and remembered what it is all about. Enjoyed the Club Christmas get together, great place. Always great to see everyone as we don't make it to all the club events. We wish all a very Happy New Year with good health, steady jobs, good running Scouts and...
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    Hay ride and cookout October 4

    Yes, the response from the club members was tremendous, not! It seems that it is always the same people who come when something "on this side of the river" is going on. Carissa made a great big pot of chili, delicious, Leon got the wagon and the "hay", and Dave DeWolff supplied his Scout to pull...
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    Hay ride and cookout October 4

    Carl & I, as well as Frank and his family are planning on being there, probably around 6 pm or so. Hope Leon found a wagon for the hay ride, his hay rides are great. Sure hope there will be some club members there, it's a great time for a bonfire and hay ride. See you there. Inge
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