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    Is it rude to knock and ask?

    Everything in my driveway is driven regularly, but some might not think so from the looks-if somebody stopped by and asked about any of "the fleet" they'd find me eager to talk about 'em. None are really for sale (for a decent price) but, sure, I'll talk to anyone. Remember, eventually...
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    As seen in Fells Point, Baltimore

    Seems like most of my summer weekends were spent trotlining back in the 80s. Dad had a friend with a line, must have been a mile long. We crabbed the Miles River, big healthy crabs. Great days, learned a lot about life and a little about crabbing!
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    First International and need a little guidance

    Fuel tanks are a common problem; plan on finding a used one, probably from a "dry" state. Somebody on here probably has spares. Nothing else really fits, unless you have one custom built.
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    Help identify what this Pickup is

    From this angle, it looks like a 71 grille to me.
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    White Letters Out or In ?

    Out. I debated when I bought the tires for mine, which is a very plain-jane rig. I wanted whitewalls (which seems to be what it left the factory with) but they were too hard to find. So, I'm advertising for Michelin ($100/four used ones a few years ago thanks to cash for clunkers).
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    Just had to share this

    Scary to me that things like this go...glad I live where I do. There was some push this year for an ordinance in the county but the farm community quickly squashed it, and I don't think it will be back on the table anytime soon. The mayor of our small town has been on a mini-crusade against...
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    Ford 300 I6

    If the transmission is good, go with the the 304 or some variant of the AMC 6; bad transmission, swap a whole Ford engine/transmission. Might not be much cost difference either way? Should be a huge selection for F-series/E-series trucks that can donate the power/drivetrain.
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    703 cube IH v8

    Built for competition, the way I understand it. Has to be a pickup.
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    Gas tank question

    I've always heard to keep the tank full. Probably if you live in a real dry climate it wouldn't matter. Around here, they'd be likely to be covered in dew inside on a regular basis if empty.
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    69 Scout 800 Radio nuts source??

    Ah, if you weren't on the other side of the state....I have a pile of assorted nuts off of car radios, as others said, most older radios will be similiar. If you don't have any luck I could pull out a pair that matches my '74, probably right?
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    future of IH v8's say in 30 years?

    There will be "gas" but if you think todays ethanol mixtures are bad, just wait. Might be easier to run them on propane in the future? The cost to drive anywhere will cut out joyrides. A gallon of fuel might be in the $9 range, any SUV on the market in 30 years could very well be getting...
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    Crazy Idea amc 6 in 1210

    A guy I know had a 71 (as I recall) 6 cyl that he used as a mobile truck tire service truck. He got tired of the 3 speed linkage binding all the time and had a good mechanic rig up a 5 speed. He said that really made the truck, giving him plenty of power. He ran it until years of spilled calcium...
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    Sta-bil Marine Fuel/Ethanol Treatment

    Ace has surprised me a couple times, with prices I couldn't beat anywhere. Not on everything, for sure, but I guess their buyers are doing their job.
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    modern ih pickup thought

    There was a Volvo/GMC dealer here that ran into some of that; he did a decent business in light trucks but then somebody would trade their Buick in on a Yukon, and that LeSabre looked awful funny sitting there between the TopKicks. Also, none of his sales/service areas were really setup for cars.
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    modern ih pickup thought

    Great to daydream about but, sadly, there is zero business case for it and it would be extremely difficult to implement. -The competition in the full-size pickup segment is brutal. Even if they came up with a great new truck, they would have to keep dumping money into it to stay up with...