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  1. bmacguyver

    Grill needed for the Bash

    I also have a 24 inch grill I can bring. Mac
  2. bmacguyver

    North Texas Binders Trading Post

    not looking like it, I've been out of work for a month.
  3. bmacguyver

    North Texas Binders Trading Post

    egr and spread bore would be from a scout 345 late 70's to 80. to my knowledge spread bores where never on the medium duties from the factory, but could have also come from a 72-75 pickup. any way about it, it will fit a 345/392/392ic. hth mac
  4. bmacguyver

    Anyone have a 304 or 152 pushrod?

    Yes, but I am in a few hours north east
  5. bmacguyver

    SV offset crank grind

    for an offset grind on the crank dont they normally weld the crank to maintain crankpin size?
  6. bmacguyver

    Registration for HFAP group discount

    Would us bringing 2 bleeps help? I still dont have a binder back on the road.
  7. bmacguyver

    October 15th HFAP roll call?

    we plan to be there, but probably without a running binder again.
  8. bmacguyver

    Free Scout Parts April 29th and 30th

    i am on call this weekend, but i may send the wife and son Brian
  9. bmacguyver

    Want a Scout II?

    What would it take to be able to move it? I may be interested, also where in SA are you? Thanks Brian
  10. bmacguyver

    Model 80 parts available

    The owners name is Jimmy, the scout 80 i know of is in the far back left corner of the main yard, i posted pics of most of the binders there awhile back, his place is right outside of Yancey. Hth Brian
  11. bmacguyver

    Model 80 parts available

    Feller in Yancey has a couple of 80's in his wrecking yard, i think the half cab in the back corner still has the drive shafts in it. Hth Brian
  12. bmacguyver

    T18 trans yoke nut

    you may have to take a GOOD quality socket (snap on etc) in 1/2" drive it will have a thinner wall, if it is still too thick you will have to grind it down to get it thin enough. hth mac
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