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  1. blue smoke

    Dana 44 front spindle and snap ring

    Try threading a bolt in the axle and tug on that. You SHOUD NOT need to pry it ou.
  2. blue smoke

    Source for injectors and nozzles?

    Super Scout has parts probably not pieces for individual injectors, but I did order some sealing “washers” for the injectors. Rebuilding injectors is tricky but adjusting them is. This is best left to the professional. Nissan used an exact copy of rhe Bosch injector pump and injectors (they. did...
  3. blue smoke

    A PSA to previous owners

    Amen brother amen
  4. blue smoke

    Prestolite Distributor

    I believe that it an opinion on the medium duty ie loadstar and cargo star and other. It was never offers in a scout or any other light line trucks.
  5. blue smoke

    gaskets and seals

    Don’t forget to use sealant on the bolts that hold the flywheel or flex plate on
  6. blue smoke

    A/C Compressor mounts for 392 Loadstar?

    This may or may not help. The 345 had the a/c compressor mounted above the alternator which had a bracket to hold both the alternator and a/c compressor. I am not sure how the air compressor for the brakes is mounted. Perhaps of you could post a picture of engine showing how the compressor is...
  7. blue smoke

    30/33 gallon tanks.

    Areotank in California built one for me in about a week. I used the same tank design that was used in the Scout. I needed to move the filler neck and removes some of the emission lines because this tank resides between the frame rails on my travelall. High quality and heavy duty. They made all...
  8. blue smoke

    bigger turbo on 1980

    The way to get more and quicker speed is to use a Mercedes exhaust housing that will spool up faster. You could fit a turbo from a semi but it would never spool up. there is a balance between too big and too small there is also a section down below for diesel and if you use the search function...
  9. blue smoke

    TB700R conversion question

    I will believe that the 700R4 is a fairly reliable tranny. It is based on the TH 350 which was a decent “small block” tranny. If you have it built right and don’t try smoke the tires it should last. They are picky on the kick down adjustment. If you can try and find the type withe the K cast...
  10. blue smoke

    1980 Scout II Side Trim

    I believe the only trim available on the side was a stick on type. It was not stainless or aluminum.
  11. blue smoke

    Engine of Jeep towed in 4L spontaneously dissassembles

    I would like it hear what that person said when they opened the hood
  12. blue smoke

    Soft brake peddle & brake line leak

    When you change the line you will need to bleed the brakes. In-line tube makes a complete set of lines and being your Scout is over 40 years old it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to change them all.
  13. blue smoke

    Mystery Clunk

    This is a WAG but is the rear at rac lol and did you add the additive to it. Strange things happen with these old beasts
  14. blue smoke

    Getting a 77 Scout 2 out of a field

    Before spending big bucks on wheels and tires I would look underneath the Scout. Unless you are sure you can tackle all the rust issues you may be better off passing on this one. Usually when a vehicle is sitting in a field the rust is extensive. Depending on where you are I have a set of...
  15. blue smoke

    SD33 Fuel System Bleeding

    One thing I would like to add is to fill the fuel filters