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  1. blue smoke

    1980 Scout II Side Trim

    I believe the only trim available on the side was a stick on type. It was not stainless or aluminum.
  2. blue smoke

    Engine of Jeep towed in 4L spontaneously dissassembles

    I would like it hear what that person said when they opened the hood
  3. blue smoke

    Soft brake peddle & brake line leak

    When you change the line you will need to bleed the brakes. In-line tube makes a complete set of lines and being your Scout is over 40 years old it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to change them all.
  4. blue smoke

    Mystery Clunk

    This is a WAG but is the rear at rac lol and did you add the additive to it. Strange things happen with these old beasts
  5. blue smoke

    Getting a 77 Scout 2 out of a field

    Before spending big bucks on wheels and tires I would look underneath the Scout. Unless you are sure you can tackle all the rust issues you may be better off passing on this one. Usually when a vehicle is sitting in a field the rust is extensive. Depending on where you are I have a set of...
  6. blue smoke

    SD33 Fuel System Bleeding

    One thing I would like to add is to fill the fuel filters
  7. blue smoke

    Sd33t engine oil?

    I use shell rotella
  8. blue smoke

    Suburban fuel tank in d series

    I had aero product make one for me. It is based on the oversized scout II tank which is 30 gallons. Everything stayed the same except the filler hole was moved back I believe 3 inches.the filler neck was from a Scout II mounted in the stock location (for a Travelall). I mounted the tank behind...
  9. blue smoke

    Scout II replacement rocker too short?

    First you have the rocker too far forward. It is actually a cover rather than structure. The cut out portion goes between the dog legs Which is the part that curves down in the picture. I hope you are replacing or at least re-enforcing your inner rocker as well
  10. blue smoke

    Road Salt experts?

    The major problem with washing the underside is if you have any areas where the snow and ice can pack in and you don’t get removed with a under side wash you will be trouble. I lived in north central Wisconsin where salt and othe things such as beet juice were used. The city of Wausau has a bus...
  11. blue smoke

    Painting question

    Harbor Freight does market a”touch up” help gun as well as a suction gun. A suction type gun does and can produce wonderful paint jobs. You just need to practice with it and try and get the hang of it.
  12. blue smoke

    1973 Scout 2: While I'm in there...

    The good news is your Travelall “should” have the linkage for the carb already on it unless it was a borg-Warner unit.
  13. blue smoke

    1973 Scout 2: While I'm in there...

    The throttle linkage is different. The automatic has a”kick down” linkage the front driveshafts are not the same
  14. blue smoke

    1973 Scout 2: While I'm in there...

    The transfer cases are interchangeable. The bull gears however are different. A word of caution there are differences in some of the transfer cases in the gears. So you need to take care in getting the bull gear making sure the pitch of the gears are correct for the transfer case you are using
  15. blue smoke

    1973 Scout 2: While I'm in there...

    First off you are going to need a transmission from a scout. The Travelall have a divorced transfer case which means it is separate from the transmission. Second you did not say what year the 392 was.IIRC some of the early 392 non IC were not drilled and tapped for side mounts.