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  • I retired outta the Guard after 20 yrs and 11 months. Originally joined the Guard as a Commo guy in a TOW missile unit, and after 7 and a half yrs, went RA as an MP. Spent 4 yrs at Fort Ritchie, Md. four yrs in Baumholder, Germany, and a year and a half at Benning. Got out, and got back in the Guard for the rest. Soooo, no money for me till I turn 62!!! ha!
    Think my bed is exactly 8 foot. I hear good and bad things bout the T-34, but most of my driving is highway (23 miles to work one way) so I think the OD with a 3.73 rear gear might jump my mpg up a few. My truck currently has 4.10 rear gears with the T-4 three speed trans and I get 14-15 mpg with the one barrel Holley.
    Sweet Rig!!! Us 1200C drivers gotta stick together!!! Looks like you got more modern wheels than I have. I'm lookin to swap axles to get better wheel/tire selection, and possibly swap a 392/T-34OD into mine. Mine looks to have a shorter bed than yours, both look good though. What is your wheelbase? 119" for mine.
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