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  1. BinderMark

    San Jose, CA SD-33t mechanic

    Hello; I've sold my 1980 SD-33t Scout II that had a new Jesco engine installed a few years back and only had 10,000 miles on it when sold to some people in San Fransisco, CA. and they are having trouble finding a mechanic to work on it, (change oil, help with other issues etc). Does anyone know...
  2. BinderMark

    Upper Rad Hose Revisted

    I have two of Eldon's upper radiator one piece hoses for the SD-33t engine. Since I have sold my 1980 SD-33t Scout II these and lots of other parts are for sale. (starters, generators, NIB air filter housing for SD-33t) I will make a list and put all for sale in the 'Parts for Sale' section...
  3. BinderMark

    79MIDAS KS license plate

    I lied. The Kansas Department of Motor Vehicles said no, this vanity plate may not be transferred to anyone that is not kin. So the offer must be withdrawn. Sorry. Howdy; Since the Kansas vanity license plate '79MIDAS' is no longer registered to the Midas that I recently sold, the plate is...
  4. 1980 Scout  004

    1980 Scout 004

  5. IHScoutPictures 004

    IHScoutPictures 004

  6. Insurance pictures 1980 SII 002

    Insurance pictures 1980 SII 002

  7. Insurance pictures 1980SII 001

    Insurance pictures 1980SII 001

  8. Insurance pictures 1980SII 004

    Insurance pictures 1980SII 004

  9. BinderMark

    Looking for good machine shop around KC

    For your head work, you might try: Noland's Cylinder Head Service 1519 Charlotte K.C., MO. 816/471-5167 You might ask Tom at Noland's where to go for the rest of the engine work. And then there is: Roadbuilder's Machinery and Supply 1001 S. 7th KC.,KS. 913/371-3822 Hope this...
  10. BinderMark

    Some will complain that this is in the wrong place but the "Auction" classified area is not in service so here it is. Move it if you like. has got to have the finest looking truck for sale at an auction September 26-27, 2008 in Little Rock, Arkansas. The truck is a 1935 IH...
  11. BinderMark

    Car Covers? brands and materials

    Knew I forgot something: Leave the windows down just an inch or so and that is where the extension cord for the goldenrods can go and it also helps keep the interior dry so mold won't grow or get a musty smell.
  12. BinderMark

    Car Covers? brands and materials

    I used a company called California Car Cover for the one that is used over my 1980 Scout II. It fits perfect. When ordering they asked if there was a spare tire on the back and a roof rack and any special mirrors so they sell covers for Scouts and know what options are available for them...
  13. BinderMark

    Upper Radiator Hose for SD33

    Thank you Eldon for trying to help us upgrade our diesel Scouts. Every little item that will save us trouble on the road ahead is good for each of us. I will purchase extra hosses just to have them on the shelf in the shop in case someone else travels by and is in need of that hose. Thank...
  14. BinderMark


    Did you happen to take pictures of the purchased EE before installation? We could see some after installation pictures also, if you were so inclined to take some. Thanks, Mark
  15. BinderMark

    cheapest sd33t in the world??

    In English: Sales here a used Nissan of 3.3 litres turbo-Diesel engine from K160. Odometer reading is unknown. Ran with the development smokes however strong. Is to be regarded as amateur handicraftsman engine or spare part engine. Starters, generator, Kublung, glow plugs are missing otherwise...