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2023 Arizona International Harvester Rendezvous
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  • Where does G460342 put me ballpark as far as production? Just picked it up today. No holes on grille for International badge, push button glove box, but Scout II (not 810) listed on the glovebox door sticker so I’m thinking it’s on the fence maybe as far as 810/SII production?
    I saw a thread that you mentioned a reference to the CT-399 paint book. I am trying to figure out what color my Travellette was painted. The LST shows 12024-19 Brown. Any information you have on this would be helpful. Thank you.
    Jim do you know anything about a 1979 Scout having a factory digital AM/FM cassette radio and a seperate digitar quarts clock mounted in the dash? Picked it up today for parts and the guy said he had alot of people wanting to buy the stereo out of it.
    Im pretty sure the scout I'm headed to buy tomorrow is a red carpet. Is there any way to be certain? I've read about them and done some research and I'm pretty sure it's legit. If I give u the s/n can u tell me? Thanks so much
    Hi, this is Mike. I own a 65 champagne edition Scout 80. I have been searching some details while I try to do some light renovations as true to original as I can. I've seen that you and couple other guys are keeping records on special edition scouts. Let me know if you need my LST or any photos or information about my scout to help you build accurate records. you can reach me at Thanks
    Jim, had a great time visiting with you this weekend, thanks for all of your contributions. I have posted that stamping image and its ready in Tech Talk, thanks,..Bruce
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