Binder Brothers
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Jan 24, 2021 at 8:43 AM
Apr 25, 2009
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Vienna, VA

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Binder Brothers

Binder Driver, from Vienna, VA

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Jan 24, 2021 at 8:43 AM
    1. Jeff W Parker
      Jeff W Parker
      Hello, I think I purchased the midas baja that you reference in Mo with the hard top and doors added and interrior missing. Have been out of the scout scene about 20 years but last one I did won a 1st place at the nats back in mid 90’s. Learning about these units. Seems im not going to find any seats Do you have any sources for seats n bases?
    2. Scott Gilmore
      Scott Gilmore
      I am looking for a 74 scout ii hardtop.
      1. Binder Brothers
        Binder Brothers
        I'm sorry, I sold the Scout II hardtop.
        Aug 17, 2017
      2. Joseph F.P. Harty
        Joseph F.P. Harty
        Joseph F.P. Harty This 71 year old veteran just finished total stock rebuild of my 1973 Scout II which has the 232 AMC inline six , but can't find a wiring diagram, did not add nor cut -out anything for my baby:) But the wiring diagram would help, even if only for the lights. So need wiring diagram 1973 International Scout II with 232,258, 304 AMC motor would be the same.
        Aug 29, 2017
    3. Mark Nokes
      Mark Nokes
      No questions yet I like both of your rigs and someday would like to buy one thought I might have questions along the way and you seem to be inclinded towasd the. SS scouts. Didn't want to forget who you were. The orange one is my background on my computer. Thanks for asking if I had any questions. Very nice rigs. How did you find the Midas?

      1. Binder Brothers likes this.
    4. Binder Brothers
      Binder Brothers
      Thanks for the kind words on the Scout. I was looking for a stock look, but black wheels would have looked pretty good too.
    5. mitchjohnson
      Hey 78.......thats a great ride you have......did you think about going with black wheels, or were the white ones the stock look you were after. If I had the opportunity to tweak one thing, it would be that.
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    Vienna, VA
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    '77 Scout II, 345, 4-speed, Fire Orange
    '79 Midas SSII, 345, Auto, Dark Brown Metallic
    '80 Terra, 345, 4-speed, Green Metallic
    '80 Scout II, 304, Auto, Winter White
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