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Bill USN-1
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  • Hi Bill, Im having issues with my Duraspark conversion rotor for Fuel Injection. I followed the forum on how to build on with ford internals with the GM EST controller. I used all new parts and built my own. Im only able to get it to spark when i use my drill and bench test it. Im running my drill at a higher speed to spin it over but when i put it on the 345 and crank it it wont spark. Any ideas where to start?
    Bill USN-1
    Bill USN-1
    The air gap between reluctor and pickup is probably too wide.
    If all duraspark parts then the gap is not adjustable.
    So either the parts are not correct or the pickup is bad.
    If you spin with a drill low speed I normally get about .5vac and on high I get about 1-1.5vac
    Is the module mounted on an alum heat sink bolted to the engine?

    Better if you wouldn't use PM and just post questions and pics in the forum.
    i used all new parts when i assembled it. I used the part numbers from the forum on the duraspark conversion. I got all the internal mounting plates from a duraspark rotor as well. I have the EST mounted on the rotor to a piece of aluminum simalar as in the fourm. i havent had much luck posting in the fourms. i will tonight tho. going to try go through it again and inspect everything and take pictures as I go.
    Hi Bill, I'm looking for ideas on how to mount a TBI Coolant Temperature Sensor on an IH 392. Links and / or pictures would be very helpful.
    Bill USN-1
    Bill USN-1
    Just remove the vacuum switch or plug from either side on the back of the intake and screw it right in. 3/8 npt.
    Or use a 1/2 bushing if the thermostat housing has the plug on the drivers side
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    continued - I am not sold on anything other than the D&C disk conversion, and that because it is paid for. I hope this is an appropriate method of contact and I appreciate any advice you have on the subject. Gary // if needed 304/727/33's /2.5 spring lift.
    continued - Do you have a suggestion for power steering pump and master cylinder, I plan on using a 92 Astro van booster with a D&C proportioning valve (with 4 disc conversion) and the spacer available from IH Parts America (CPT-SII-HYDBST-ADPTR)
    continued - I read the re-post of your original write up- but cannot seem to get to the archived post with pictures, do you know how to pull this up?
    Hello. I have been researching your post on Hydroboost conversion. I am in the middle of a complete rebuild of a 75 SII. I am going with 4 disc conversion and thinking of also adding hydro boost. Not sure if really needed, but parts availability and the lack of reliability of rebuilt vac boosters have me thinking it is the best option.
    Hello , not sure if I am asking in the correct area, How can I continue to add to one of my build threads?
    Hi Bill,
    I have a 1964 Scout Model 80 4x4. It has a Power-lok dana 27 rear differential with 10 spline axles. The brackets on the axle tubes point up, implying that the differential mounts to the bottom of the leaf springs. I am wondering if this is the correct differential for this vehicle. The line ticket agrees that my vehicle came from the factory with a Power-lok dana 27.
    Hey Bill, great info, me...USMC 73-77, El Toro & Okinawa, hope that doesn't DQ me. My 72 Loadstar runs great till this year & is ok untill I pull a load or up a grade. Then its poppin, & backfireing. One big bang when shut down. Dist? Bad gas? Thanks, Lou
    Hi Bill, I am planning to do a SOA lift on a 1980 scout II. In trying to find some good information on it beforehand I've seen folks refer to the write up you did on it. The link to your write-up doesn't want to load for me.. Is there any chance you saved a copy of it that you could email to me as a PDF? Or maybe you have a good link to it? My email is . Thanks Bill please let me know. Ken
    Bill USN-1
    Bill USN-1
    I haven't had a chance to rewrite it.
    The web master for the site it was on had some emergencies and has not been back to get the site back up.
    Bummer! Thanks for the reply. If you have some pictures conveniently saved somewhere that you could email me without much trouble, that would also be awesome.
    I want to put 35s on it. How should I work the lift? Currently there is a 4 inch suspension lift.
    Bill USN-1
    Bill USN-1
    You can make them fit.
    The question is, are you willing to trim the fenders if needed?
    I run SOA with a 1.5 body lift and run 33's.
    I also moved the rear axle to center it in the opening.
    I run 15x10 wheels with centered offset.
    There is no one set answer to your question.
    It all depends on the wheels, tires, and lift.
    35x10.5 is a lot different than 35x15.5.
    Thanks for your fast response Bill. Next question; I sent the engine to Quinlin Automotive in Indy and the guy claims there is no stamping for size of engine; however, he found a stamping that is 151023R4 and he claims this tells him its a 345. Does this seem accurate?
    Bill USN-1
    Bill USN-1
    can't answer casting numbers.
    There is normally the engine size cast into the bottom of the cylinder head.
    It will tell you the head size but it's possible someone put them on an early non IC 392.
    I would ask for a picture of the machined pad where it's normally stamped.
    Thanks again. One last question: If I have a 3 inch suspension lift would an additional 1 inch body lift give me enough room for 35s?

    Also, I served with 1st Medical Battalion out of Camp Pendleton. Had a Navy Commander. Good times
    Bill USN-1
    Bill USN-1
    Doubt it.
    Good evening Bill. This is the first time I have used this so I am not sure if I am using this right but here goes. Completing a full rotisserie restoration on a 1973 Scout 2. Everything has been going really well until today when we realized we had a Dana 44 front axle with drum brakes which apparently doesn't have a conversion kit for disk brakes. What are my options?
    Bill USN-1
    Bill USN-1
    Stock 75 and newer scout D44 front disc setup or the complete front axle.
    Hello Bill. I sent you a message earlier today about your hydraboost write up on the old binder bench. Turns out I didn't get all pages printed and was missing vital info but going through some build threads here I found what I needed. Thanks for all the tech info. Have a nice evening.
    Do you know how i can identify the front axle, dana 44 or 30 in a 69 scout 800 with a v8 3 speed? the rear is a 44
    Bill USN-1
    Bill USN-1
    Just compare the diff covers.
    If they look exactly the same then they're 44s.
    But a 800 never came with a front 44.
    That didn't start till 74.
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