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Recent content by Bill Bennett

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    Trailer hitch advice

    There might be a shop in your area that will make a tow hitch for you. IH made a tow hitch for the truck. That hole in the center of the 2nd crossmember forward of the rear crossmember was where the factory hitch was attached, plus to the frame rails. I saw one of the factory hitches about 40...
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    4x4 front vs rear gear ratio. Same or different????

    The front gears would be a bit higher (faster) than the rears because when driving down that off pavement road, the front will travel slightly further when the rear follows across the track of the fronts. Like taking a short cut. Like others have said, as long as it's close, don't worry about it.
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    Radiator overflow hose

    Maybe a radiator shop or try one of the small independent parts stores.
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    Jeff, just for info, I will be putting our 68 Travelall up for sale. I am now 86 years old and...

    Jeff, just for info, I will be putting our 68 Travelall up for sale. I am now 86 years old and after a botched eye operation, I can't see well enough to drive. No one in the family is interested in continuing dealing with old mechanical cars. My asking price will be $24,000. Kinda sad that we...
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    Rocker shaft scoring -- polish or replace

    If the rockers can be bored out and 'bushed', Can those new bushings be re-bored slightly off center to increase the 'rocker ratio'?
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    Scout II 345 Carburetor?? Suggestions? Recommendations? Warnings??

    Maybe should first determine if you have a 2bbl or 4bbl intake manifold.
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    What cold air intake did you use for your LS swap??

    Take a look at the aluminum air filter housing from a ~1986 Mercedes Benz, 560SEL. It comes with a section of flex pipe for a cool air intake. Filter size is like 4 times larger than the IH element. Will need a 1 1/4" tall adapter to lift the housing off the top of the carb fuel bowl. It fits...
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    SV345 - 5 bolt rocker assembly on a 9 bolt head

    So, if the company can rebuild the rockers, what if the center bushing could be moved just enough to shorten the distance from the lifter rod to the new center of the rocker shaft. That would increase the rocker ratio and provide a higher lift at the valves? Didn't IH have some engines with 1.6...
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    D Series Brake Booster Replacement?

    Check with a brake parts rebuilder.
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    Smoking engine! Help.

    Has the float level been re set after the carb was refreshed? What sparkplug, gap and heat range? Looks like may be the wrong plugs! Is the carb a 2bbl or a 4bbl? Do you know what # main jets are in the carb?
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    Does anyone keep their parking brake?

    Isn't that what a manual throttle is for?
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    Phenolic/ Alum Carb Spacer which size? 1/2" or 1"

    Are you still running a fan shroud?
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    Anyone have a FA-5 (2WD) front swaybar?

    I took the front and rear swaybars off a Camper Special many years ago. Couldn't find a way to make the front bar work on my 68 'C' body 4wd. I have everything except the front shock brackets and the rear links. All the rubber bushings for the swaybars are useable.
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    68 1100 C Wiring issues

    Supplying power to the front parking bulb circuit does not also supply power to the rear taillight? The brighter filament in both front and rear still flash as they should?
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    Anyone have a FA-5 (2WD) front swaybar?

    Would you recognize the sway bar and linkage if you see it?