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  • What up Armando! Its Will Johnson, I finally found you here...Hope to meet up with you soon, get to hacking on the binder, Later! Hey you like beer, Me too! I brew my own beer, what do you like?
    Hey bigmookied, if you would like me to forward the files first check out the thread in machine shop (aluminum valve covers ) it is not an exact replica etc. . If you still want them email me at Aluminum Valve covers in title


    Thanks for the information on the wiring diagram. Are the diagrams you posted for a 1970 Travelall?

    That is fine, I live about an hour south of the meeting, but if you are coming from Snowflake area it is not too bad to get here off the 60 and florence Junction.
    Hi Armando, (Got it right this time). I'm planning on coming down to the club meeting next week (Tuesday). How about I pick it up before the meeting?

    Hi Carlos (?), I'm Mark Reichert (friend of Allen E.) in Prescott Valley. I saw Allen today and he said you have a closed knuckle front axle assembly that needs to be taken to his property up by Concho. Thought I'd get this message out to you. Hope I got your name right, but if not, I appologize. I do know he told me you go by bigmookied on the BB. You can PM me on here or email me at Talk to you later. Mark Reichert
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