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az scout guy
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  • Dood- tried calling you several times on your cell phone, it's the only number I have for you, message said your voice mailbox is full....I'm going to start calling you Damian! lol....please give me a call when you can talk. I'd like to hear about your Colorado trip and get a few quotes from you on doing my Scout. I'm headed out to bring it home in a couple weeks. Thanks man. 951 454-5401
    I still have it, I haven't driven it for a while. I'm in the middle of changing a bunch of stuff on it. It's good to see you're still in to Scouts
    Jayson, who painted & powder coated your 66'? Were they reasonable, price wise? Would you recommend them? How about rust repair? I got a couple small spots...I want to make a plan and get started...Thanks, John~
    Hey Jason, check out the album I posted on my 800B. You'll be able to see what we'd be working with. Ultimately, I'd like to make her as clean as your 66' but with a few upgrades/mods. Look forward to talking with you more soon. Tempted to take that BW-11 off your hands...
    Very nice album. Nice looking Scout. Appreciate you posting the pics.
    eightOsix - another '66 Scout owner
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