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2022 Arizona International Harvester Rendezvous
  1. Anthony Weigant

    Looking for 800 with a V8

    Hey Koby, you can play even if you dont have a Scout. Hell, im the director and i was IH less for about a year! Sad to hear about losing your rig. Dont know of anyone with a v8 800, but I've got the polar opposite of what you want. 69, 196 4spd, rust, non running project that hit a snag and...
  2. Anthony Weigant

    TVB Spring "Meat and Greet"

    Is he in the chicken nugget and katsup sammich phase? :punk: I was planning on some hot dogs for the young-ins if that interests him. Love to have yall regardless.
  3. Anthony Weigant

    TVB Spring "Meat and Greet"

    Just a little upfate for yall. AS OF RIGHT NOW, the weather looks to be beautiful, but this is Tennessee, and it will change quicker than tax laws, we all know that. So, we are still on! The back yard is pretty mushy right now, hopefully the sun and warmth will dry it out over the next...
  4. Anthony Weigant

    TVB Spring "Meat and Greet"

    Hey, it's the Weeg-Cienda, a carnivorous promise land. Bring a toothpick and some Tums.
  5. Anthony Weigant

    More Scouts in Advertising

    Well played..... Don't worry, no one saw me. Everyone in there was staring at their phones.
  6. Anthony Weigant

    Prayers needed for Kent Robinson

    My deepest sympathies to the family.
  7. Anthony Weigant

    TVB Spring "Meat and Greet"

    MVA Reports or are you makin' out? :D
  8. Anthony Weigant

    TVB Spring "Meat and Greet"

    It's so far out so your calendar should be clear! What I did there, you see it? Bring a Pitcher....... and a glass as big as your head!
  9. Anthony Weigant

    More Scouts in Advertising

    I saw this today on the wall at our Local Old Navy: Yes, I was shopping there. No, I didn't really want to admit that. It is what it is........
  10. old navy scout

    old navy scout

  11. Anthony Weigant

    TVB Spring "Meat and Greet"

    That's right folks. It's that time of year again! MARCH 21ST AT THE WEEG-CIENDA The springtime back yard show and shine, along with some hearty eats. Yup, looks like Brisket is on the menu, fellers...... and fellerettes. All within reading distance of this thread are welcome to...
  12. Anthony Weigant

    Talk Of A Meet and Greet??

    Jeff speaks truth. I have plans for a meet and greet in March hosted by my bride and myself in Lascassas, TN. Thread to come in a couple of days. Next weekend is the swap meet, so ill be able to put that to bed in a couple of weeks, then its TVB's turn for a while! Oh, and for a shameless...
  13. Anthony Weigant

    Happy Birthday Crazyeight

    The big Nine One!! congratulations to the last guy to buy a brand new kb truck! Kidding, Happy Birffus Day!
  14. Anthony Weigant

    How to become a member of TVB

    Hey, thanks for playing along! Looks like there a few folks signing up here as of late. For that, I'd say we're due for another meet and greet. Due to unpredictable weather, and this swap meet I do in February, let's do something in March. It's my turn so I'll host. More details...
  15. Anthony Weigant

    TVB Trading Post

    To help Mr. Scott, it's a 71 long bed pickup. Good lineage, very nice truck for the money. I would be all over it, but I have a different direction of my own. Build thread coming soon. Hijack off. Go get your money right!
2022 Arizona International Harvester Rendezvous
2022 Arizona International Harvester Rendezvous