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2021 Arizona International Harvester Rendezvous
Albuq. Henry
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  • Hey just wondering if you happen to know if the passenger window in the 67 800 was meant to go down only half way. It seems the guide bracket inside the door will only allow for that and at the halfway mark it jams up and stops. I didn't want to force it and have something break. Thanks
    Well if you need any help with the CJ just let me know. I'm hoping to pick up a couple new scouts here soon. I found a 79 and a 73.
    Finally got to do some work on my Scout. I changed the plugs, distributor rotor and cap and wires but I have one question. What is the name of the part that the wire from the distributor cap runs to? The inside of that is corroded and has some green build up in it. It either needs a good cleaning and or needs to be replaced. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance
    I'm actually really close to you. I just moved over to Rio Bravo and coors area. I take Rio Bravo to work everyday.
    Yeah, I used to go to montesa all the time. I used to go by it going out the south gate when I used to go home. I haven't taken the Scout out there yet but I will.
    Sounds good. I haven't really hit the trails up there but the dunes are pretty fun. This summer we're gonna do an overnighter up there and you're welcome to come along. Funny, I used to have a 69 800 that I sold last decemberish and for a minute I thought you had it.
    Hey, I was wondering if you had any pictures of your scout under the hood? I have a '67 800 and have some work to do to it but would like to see other peoples set up under the hood. Also, do you have any pictures of how your gas tanks are mounted, assuming they are mounted in the wheel wells? My rear quarter panels are shot and need replacing thus the tanks aren't secured in there that well. Thanks for your help.
    Hello from Santa Fe. I just thought I'd contact another Scout enthusiast in New Mexico. I'm a new member. I have a 1964 Scout 80 that needs a ton of work. I'm enjoying working on it and am learning a lot. I saw your build threads on Photobucket and enjoyed them.

    Take care,


    P.S. Doesn't this heat wave suck? It's been getting close to 100 in Santa Fe.
    Thanks for the tip on the window regulator I think that was my problem.

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