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Binder TV
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    How screwed am I?

    1 Honestly that looks like a pretty good r/s if the other problems are fixed. 1st remove the shims and go from there. They are pushing the tie rod into the springs. As someone above said maybe to fix the pinion angle? Wont know until you remove those shims. There are ways to correct your...
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    How to option a travelall for the best mpg.

    I had a 5spd ax-15 and a aw4 one a 91 and a 95 and I rarely, let me say rarely got over 15 mpg in either no matter how i drove. Xjs are light compared to an IH. My 03 suburban 5.3 regularly gets 17 and my 2000 7.3 gets close to the same. All stock vehicles and I do keep tabs on fuel for some...
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    Anyone recognize this particular model shock and give your opinion on them please

    Back in the day triangle spring was one of the best for spring under apps. Shocks are your own issue. I lifted so many scout. I learned that normal thinking was gas shocks rear (weighs more) THEN Slowly realized that soft rear and stiff fronts was the ticket lol. Times have changed with shocks...
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    '79 345 failed visual CA Smog check

    Honestly put a thermo quad on there , they run real clean,plenty of power and more mpg then you have probably seen. No way around the cat converter. Sorry
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    How to option a travelall for the best mpg.

    Honestly I think a Cummins 4bt or 6bt would suit you much better then the perkins. Having a divorced t-case makes this a little easier. Good luck and keep us posted with pics.
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    Radiator overflow hose

    Last time I bought some was ace hardware in the bulk area.
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    90 Suburban Axles to 65 Travelette?

    X2 also a 1990 10 bolt is pretty tough, 30 spline axle. Looks like a semi float 14. Not the greatest but not bad either
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    Np-202 shifter decal

    Does anybody make this shifter decal or know a place that sells it? Thanks
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    Wanting to see pictures of pickup Hood Latch

    Are the 69-71 different?
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    What Steering Knuckle is this?

    I have owned a 6 bolt spindle pattern disc brake d-30 more then once.
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    What are these holes?

    Most 1980s dont have rear wheel arch rust. This is why.
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    1980 345 New Fuel System - Strong Exhaust - Need TQ Carb Advice

    You have probably lost the two xrings in the fuel bowl. I rarely deal with carbs anymore. But I regularly got 20 mpg with one and it would haul. The tq is a great carb. Rebuild kit from autozone is 96-570.
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    High steer help long thread!

    I have a set of gm flat top knuckles drilled and tapped and a few other parts I would sell very reasonably. PM me if interested
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    Extended rear brake lines

    There is a useful part numbers thread floating around that I posted a napa number in for a longer rear break hose. I believe it was for a mid 80s e250 but I cant remember exactly but it was bolt in about 3 or 4 inches longer and very inexpensive. Maybe search my user name ?