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  1. 76scoutII

    Tucson trail run

    Cool, I plan to come down with my scout 80. Sent from my moto e5 supra using Tapatalk
  2. 76scoutII

    Tucson trail run

    Just checking in to see if there is still a trail run to the gap on march 2nd this saturday, if so, what time is everyone meeting at the trailhead?? Thanks! Sent from my moto e5 supra using Tapatalk
  3. 76scoutII

    2015 Sonora Desert Scouts rendezvous

    Bummer I had to print the form and mail in a money order since the online option wasnt available. I'm just curious as to why the preregistration period was 01-01-2015 to 02-28-2015 but the online payment option just became available late in the day on 02-22-2015?? I think that having the...
  4. 76scoutII

    2015 Sonora Desert Scouts rendezvous

    Is the only method for pre-registration to download the form and print it and mail it? I was hoping for a pay online option, I do have a paypal account.
  5. 76scoutII

    April club run ?

    We had a great time up in the pinal mountains. It was nice and cold, and it did rain, which was a great experience to get away from the hot sunny valley. we drove up to the peak and there were several areas with snow on the ground, and steve had a thermometer which was reading 30 degrees...
  6. 76scoutII

    April club run ?

    Implanning on going. I just have to meet up later since I have some things that will keep me from leaving in the morning so I cant leave until about 130pm. I will be camping overnight saturday and returning late afternoon sunday. It will be exciting to get away from the incoming pre-summer...
  7. 76scoutII

    2014 AZIHR dates and place here are my pics theres a few good pics of the trail run where we did the notch in willow fun times
  8. 76scoutII

    Take Home a Trophy

    I've added many dents and scrapes to the ugly scout so some would say it has become even uglier. I will also attempt to compete for most modified, I have had this scout for 14 years now and it was bone stock and now it is a hardcore rockcrawler with thousands of dollars invested and countless...
  9. 76scoutII

    Any recommended (honest) 4x4 shops in phoenix area

    I cant say that I've driven a scout with rear discs but my old dana 44 rear would lock up 32" rear tires if I really slammed on the brakes in a hurry for whatever reason. Now I have a dana 60 with drums, I think they are 12" by 2.5" and man it'll out stop my old rearend any day of the week with...
  10. 76scoutII

    Any recommended (honest) 4x4 shops in phoenix area

    I wouldnt recommend desert rat for any major fabrication work or anything serious such as a ring and pinion/differential install or a 2wd to 4wd conversion. I had them install a new detroit locker in my old rear dana44 and they tried to charge me more ($1100+ installed) when I brought my scout...
  11. 76scoutII

    Four peaks cleanup

    I always use quotation marks when I talk about "those" west phoenix residents that show up to a Scout club meeting in a dodge truck pulling a chevy blazer on a trailer.
  12. 76scoutII

    September run

    we're there dude! :punk: switchbacks or bust...
  13. 76scoutII

    The Anti-Scout

    not a corvette, but still a sports car with offroad tires that goes wheelin, video in the post to prove it! that heep should go down willow springs im sure he would out wheel me, gumby, and especially the canypn offroad shop scout...
  14. 76scoutII

    Need a Front Dana 44 Inner Long Axle.

    I would lose the dana 44 if running 37 krawler tires, lockers and extra low gearing from a doubler. I see a dana 60 in your scouts future
  15. 76scoutII

    New fuel tank,

    i would highly recommend soa with the 1 ton axles if you have them and they are in good shape. I have a 60 f and 60 hd rear and they were used when i put them in the scout and really the only problems i've had were minimal such as seals leaking and old worn out locking hubs not staying engaged...
Friends of BinderPlanet Facebook Group
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