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2021 Arizona International Harvester Rendezvous
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    New brakes and pedal going to floor with rear disk and Hydro

    I bet those bolts are contacting the brake brackets.
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    New brakes and pedal going to floor with rear disk and Hydro

    The bleeder screw is a good thing to check. Also, make sure the calipers are free and not binding up. I have worked on two scouts with the same issue as described and in both cases it was caliper binding causing the problems.
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    2.5" Rough Country Springs

    My philosophy: Trucks were not meant to fly. Wheels on the ground as much as possible. Even these new fancy trucks like the Raptor are not really built to jump. In fact even purpose built off road racers experience many failures because of jumping.
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    2.5" Rough Country Springs

    I bought brake line extenders. Work out fine. I always use the stock bump stops. I would not spend the money on new stops. Scouts were meant to articulate. Extend the brake hoses.
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    Engine of Jeep towed in 4L spontaneously dissassembles

    I am glad I dont have to fix that
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    Sad News, Lost a great BP friend

    Good life he had.
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    What is a good 4 speed transfer case for a t-18 trans on a Scout 80?

    Get the 4 speed and install. 4 speeds are better and more robust than the three speed. I would pay $100 or so for the entire set up. Be aware of propeller shaft differences and possible linkage differences and cover plate differences. Get everything you can down to the bolts. It is a worthwhile...
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    How screwed am I?

    The only thing I don't like based on the limited info provided in the photos is the contact between the drag link and the spring. The shims are there to correct castor. I would make it road worthy as much as possible and see how it drives. I think there is a cut and turn in your future to...
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    Scout/IH truck Sightings

    I was watching some car chase clips from a 1977 movie called speed trap. There is a gold scout II in a parking garage which is part of a car chase between a vette and a MBenz.
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    Transmission & T-case color?

    They came from the factory in the grease and oil colors. Then the mechanical items developed a patina of dirt, dust, mud, goop or whatever else the vehicle was driven through.
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    Scout/IH truck Sightings

    Watched a movie entitled "War Dogs". There is late model Scout 800 in the moive.
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    RA-15 LSD/Locker?

    Maybe. Check out powerloks. What you have is probably a dana axle. I will have to admit not being familiar with the IH axle nomenclature.
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    How to option a travelall for the best mpg.

    RBS, with the intent of full disclosure here I daily drive a 2014 Shelby GT 500. I am very familiar with people wanting to see how slow their vehicles are. I don't oblige though. I don't trust people on the road.
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    How to option a travelall for the best mpg.

    RBS seems to have a diverse fleet of vehicles. Having driven or having access to vehicles that have a wide range of characteristics puts driving into perspective. I have a 2007 Ford expedition. I do not drive over 70 mph in it. The truck drives and handles well but it is still a huge lumbering...
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    How to option a travelall for the best mpg.

    As others have said the best thing to do to save gas is to slow down. There is nothing wrong with 60 mph in a 70s vintage vehicle.