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2021 Arizona International Harvester Rendezvous
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    Ya on the main list now bro. Very glad to see OLD IRON up there. Top notch work, no B S with theys guys. CONGRATS LEVI:beer:
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    Happy Birthday Levi

    Happy b- day bro:punk:
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    Barts Dirt built SOA

    Ya,Got er lookin good man. So close to the finsh line. Top notch work as always. Also sorry for the very over due reply, Stuff been crazy round here. Again OLD IRON ROCS:punk: Diggin the shine hubs, way better than Krylon black and havin to lock them with pliers
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    Barts Dirt built SOA

    LOL , he has cussed me a couple times over the sand on this frame. Funny that ya said that Mark. Big Bama the tarp is yours man lol.
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    Barts Dirt built SOA

    UMMM yea my welds aint that pretty yet. Thats some good lookin welds levi. Guys i got to see some of the work first hand this past thursday figurin degrees and pinion. It is somthin ya can screw up lol , id advise to learn as much as ya can before ya start your own. OLD IRON can hook ya rite up...
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    Barts Dirt built SOA

    Hey where the sand and rust go,lol. Keep up the great work man.Let me know how the plates work out :rockon:
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    Barts Dirt built SOA

    THIS IS LIKE THE BEST EVER WATCHIN YOUR OWN RIG GET BUILT,EVEN FROM MILES AWAY.:punk: Lookin great levi, man how you balance your time is beyond me. But keep up the good work bro.:rockon::beer:
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    Tenn trip

    Hello to all,not sure if this is the proper place to post this,jus wanted to post some good words on a fellow member. About a month ago i bought my second scoutII, and was fired up to get the bugs worked out and on the road. How ever i had a slight hold up on the chassie. The P O had done a hack...
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    SEBA Garage sale ,For sale, Wanted or Free to good home

    Hello to all,lookin to buy a running four or six cly,for my scout II. P.M me if ya got one thanks.:punk:
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    SEBA Garage sale ,For sale, Wanted or Free to good home

    Hello to all ,New to the SEBA,glad to be here tho. Had a few parts thought id put up for sale. Got two YORK compressers take $30 each for. Set of TERRA door glass $40 for the set and also SCOUT door glass $30 for set. One nontilt scout colume $60. One full hard top side glass $15. Two 2210 carbs...
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    How to join SEBA (Southeast Binders Association)

    Hello to all,bio sent.Glad to have found you guys.:clap:
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    2300 carburetor - unknown production & list numbers??

    If this helps any,I had the same deal with mine list (6380 428091 C91) 2300C.I went to the parts store and no help for the listing typical.I called holley tech and they pulled it up.They said it was a rare carb(which i thought to be strange).Mine was a 280 mayben went further in detail...
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    HEY new guy ?

    Hello to all,i was gona see if anyone had the torque and pattern to tightin and loosen the intake bolts for the 345 v8.I would love to have the manual but the cash flow is tight as of late.any help would be a big help. P.S this is a 77 345 if that is needed thanks for any info