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    custom gas tank(home brew)

    BUY full sell....... build 10ga ss tank for free. ill have to go build my own
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    custom gas tank(home brew)

    just wondering why i never see many threads about folks buildin there own tank. i was gonna TIG one up out of stainless and put an intank fuel pump from a comaro or something. i figured up that if i put it in between the 2 rear frame rails and 6" deep it could hold 25-30 gallons has anyone...
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    some one take a measurement for me please. axle tube to frame rail

    i dont have my body on right now and im trying to get an idea of about what size tire ill be able to run. ive got 17" from top of the axle tube to the bottom of the frame on the front, the back is probly more around 18 inches or so, but i dont have any weight on it yet. ive got an 800 rs front...
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    measure driveshafts with body off

    should i measure for drive shafts , and set my axle angles with the body off, or will the weight of it make that much diffrence in how much it sits down ive got a 67 800 rs ha s2 springs in the front and rancho 44044's in the rear, if that tells you how much theyll sit down
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    *Look* Setting up Club Roster

    mines on the way
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    rs crosmember & rear xmember

    lets see what you did with your front cross member on your 800's with a reverse shackle. ive got some 4x4 tubing layin around that i was gonna use. has anyone redone the rear crossmember, or added one as i should say. you know were the old one bolts in??was thinkin i could cut off the...
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    spring mount dimesions

    i dont have my springs in hand but would like to go ahead and get my mounts made. im putin s2's in the front and 44044's in the back. do's anyone know the width off hand of the springs and what i sould make the inside to inside width of my hangers?? also what size bolt will it take?? and what...
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    link for a good wright up on reardisks for a d44

    let me rephrase my question. i wanted to use s2 parts, ive already got them. so does anyone know of somewere that has a good right up on using s2 parts?? i know jimweeds but it doesnt have many pictures as they help out ALOT
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    painting the frame

    what kinda paint should i use to paint my frame. i need a good hard paint. im going down to bare metal. i thought about rinolining the hole frame but then i figured when i go off roadin and i DO nock a chunk of it off it wont be soo easy to fix as just rattle cannin it back on
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    link for a good wright up on reardisks for a d44

    anyone know of a thread or a link thats got a good right up on doing a rear disk conversion on a s2 rear d44, besides jimweeds??? I SEARCHED
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    soa 800, move axles?? how much

    im doing a soa on my 800. d44's. s2 springs in the front and rancho 44044's in the rear. rs front. since ive gotta make all new spring mounts any how. any suggestion on if and how much i should move my axles???
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    soa springs for an 800.

    just wanted to add that im not realy intrested in extendin the frame or anything. i dont mind cutin of and addin new spring mounts but dont realy want to extend the frame
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    soa springs for an 800.

    what springs have/are you folks using for soa on an 800. im using s2 axles and was planin on usein s2 springs on the front but am not sure about for the rear. im also gonna go RS i was gonna try to run some 36's(i understand that thats pushin 44's) and i will use it off road as much as...
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    s2 345 t19 d20 into an 800(build up)

    the front springs are free. thats that, the only reason im using them. and i dont want to lengthen the frame or anything. althought i am plannin on a rs but if there happens to be a better spring that i can find in a junkyard that will do well and i wont have to mess with my frame, let me know...