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2021 Arizona International Harvester Rendezvous
  1. 1968SCOUT

    Dana 30 Axle question

    i second jb weldquick !!!
  2. 1968SCOUT

    scout 80 steering wheel resto

    I Tried To Restore Mine But The Stuff I Used Eventually Gave So I Can See The Cracks Again , I Would Use Jb Quick(weld) ... It Sets Faster Amd Gets Rock Hard At A Fraction Of The Price Maybe 5 Bucks For The Kit .
  3. 1968SCOUT

    molybdenum disulfy

    thanks for all the great input i apreciate it , mine does not smoke as of yeat other than at start up after its been running for a while , i will try the honey stuff at next oil change (i should have mentioned it this is not on my scout :flowers:)
  4. 1968SCOUT

    molybdenum disulfy

    i found some info on this site (maybe it is somekind of magic bean huh!!!?)
  5. 1968SCOUT

    molybdenum disulfy

    i heard that MOLYBDENUM DISULFY is a good treatment for blow by , now i dont know of this stuff or where i can get some to mix with my oil , if any body has anything to share i would greatfully apreciate it , or suggestions on something else i can use to slow it down a lil . thanks in advance ...
  6. 1968SCOUT

    Anyone know about this Scout?

    i dont get the joke???:nono:
  7. 1968SCOUT

    Scout II LED Taillighits

    thank you very much for the info !!!!!
  8. 1968SCOUT

    Scout II LED Taillighits

    would you happen to have the electtronic flasher part number by any chance ?? You want the red ones behind red lenses. Just plug them in make sure the work because they are priority sensitive. Then use RTV to glue the in place. Make sure what ever you get to get an electronic flasher form...
  9. 1968SCOUT

    Paint question=Cheapest, best method

    why not take it to earl scheib , or one day paint , cheap and they will probably mix the color you want , maybe 300dls tops . or you can go to the auto paint store and ask them for info.
  10. 1968SCOUT

    welding question on gas tank

    Thanks For All The Info I Apreciate It , And I Will Be Going With The Argon In The Tank , Of Course After Running A Hose From The Exhaust To The Tank Drying It Out And Then The Argon .....
  11. 1968SCOUT

    welding question on gas tank

    hi all, i have a harley tank that got dented and i would like to use a stud gun ( it welds a nail type of stud that it is used with a slide puller) what is the best way with out blowing my selfup to do this task , i had read somewhere , that u can mix a quart of simple green into agallon of...
  12. 1968SCOUT

    800a charging problem

    check out the powermaster at parts merica for $109 part#PM8002 FITS 1963 TO 1970 SCOUT
  13. 1968SCOUT

    800 Glove Box missing pieces

    thanks for those pics , now i dont have to o a search :wrenching:
  14. 1968SCOUT

    800a charging problem

    try napa or kragen auto parts , i think kragen has a high performance one for about 100.
  15. 1968SCOUT

    Airplane Paint Stripper (HELP)

    the stuff you are looking for is the brushable type AIRCRAFT. what i have done in stubborn paints is to scratch it deep enough so the stuff will get under it , small screw driver or a razor blade works good , they suggest minimal strokes when brushing i guess for some reason it neutralises if...