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Old 07-17-2006, 09:13 PM
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Default Thermostat housing gasket (s) which side

I have purchased two new thermostat housing gaskets from NAPA. These are the kind that have the adhesive backing on one side.

My question,

Which side should you stick the adhesive side to?

Bottom, Intake Manifold or thermostat housing

Top, Thermostat Housing or Water neck.

Does it really matter? I'm assuming the adhesive is just there to help hold the gasket in place while you tighten everything up.

Any opinions?
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Old 07-17-2006, 09:39 PM
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Default Re: Thermostat housing gasket (s) which side

The only thing that matters is that the bolt holes and ports,(water passage and t'stat seat), line up correctly.
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Old 07-18-2006, 12:14 PM
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Default Re: Thermostat housing gasket (s) which side

The OEM tstat gaskets (both the Fel-pro sourced items and Corteco) are OVERSIZE/UNDERSIZE so that they will align with any variation of IH water necks and tstat housings.

I also find that they OVERHANG the water passages severely, don't "seal" the thermostat to the thermostat housing very well (allowing bypass), and can create turbulance/restriction that may lead to metallic erosion and creation of "bubbles" in the cooling liquid stream.

I hand cut my own gaskets out of a hi-tek material (rubber/fiber composite). These are specific for sealing the RS 370-series thermostat to the thermostat housing, and the housing-to-manifold interface on both I-4 and SV applications. These are the gaskets I include in the "fund raiser for the IHSTO treasure chest" thermostat kits I have available. Contact me by email if you'd like a copy of the 14 pages of "instructions" that accompany each kit, it's a Word doc with embedded jpegs regarding the PROPER way to service the engine cooling system, FAR more detail than ANY IH-related service manual!

Proper gaskets...and proper prep work regarding the sealing surfaces DO NOT require ANY type of sealant to be applied. The "self-adhesive" thang on aftermarket gaskets is simply an "assembly aid" because there are literally thousands of different application gaskets for MANY OEM engines stamped outta a single sheet/roll of the stuff at the point of manufacture. The machines simply have a die for each application placed on the machine so that the most number of gaskets can be stamped out, with the least amount of material waste.

The absolute WORST thing to do is use ANY form of RTV at that location! RTV products are BANNED from my property, I DO NOT allow the use of that guapo on my shop premises! If ya have to use sealant on the gaskets at that location(s), then ya got a MECHANICAL problem with the sealing surfaces that needs to be corrected FIRST!
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