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Old 07-15-2005, 06:49 AM
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Default Re: SD-33 Starter Solenoid

I sent them an email asking what they cost and what shipping would be to my zipcode here is their response.

"MG137 Str Pricing - Lim Battery


Our MG137 is priced at us$150 each, brand new OE grade.
This item is currently in stock. Freight is at cost via UPS -
10kilo value box (3days - door to door) us$99. Freight
by registered seapost is the cheapest us$35 ( 6weeks).
Total cost for shipping (UPS) this starter is US$249.

We accept payment via Paypal, & will ship upon your payment.

Thank You & have a Nice Weekend.

Richard Lim Sian Kwong / Lim Battery"

"Weber, Carey L SFC" wrote:

To Whom It May Concern:
I'd like to know how much your MG 137 starters cost?
How much would shipping be to zip code 29061 in the USA?

I don't need a starter currently, but I'd love to find a lighter one. I also don't have any idea what a starter rebiuld or a replacement starter would cost.

I'd still love to find a starter nose cone that would allow me to use the Denso NPR starter that I have because IIRC its 2.8 or 3 KW and it would really spin an SD33.

  • Carey
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Old 07-15-2005, 02:05 PM
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Default Eddie Joins In With No New Info, But...

...lookee what Ardrey & Baradium posted to another thread:

Originally Posted by dick ardrey
"...gear-educed starter for the sd33t..."

Originally Posted by Baradium
PM or e-mail me if anyone wants pictures, I have one of this starter. In fact, I think I put one in a thread somewhere.

Doug was able to price these brand new starters competitively with the price a rebuilder in this area charges for the SD-33 starters (don't know if it varies much). I don't remember the exact price, but I was impressed how close he was able to get to rebuild costs to be able to provide you with brand new. Due to the gear reduction nature, this starter is also able to be smaller than the stock starter.

doug scott :

"...but with the right tool, that kind of thing is easily dealt with.

'And I'm the tool,' I muttered. Then I thought about it, sighed, and shook my head. 'One day,' I told myself, 'one brave and magnificent day, I will actually be cool.'"

adapted from 'Cold Days'", Jim Butcher, 2012

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Old 07-15-2005, 10:32 PM
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Default Re: SD-33 Starter Solenoid

I knew my ears were burning for a reason!
'78 SII et al
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Old 07-17-2005, 07:39 PM
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Default Re: SD-33 Starter Solenoid

Eldon saved my bacon a few years back by telling me about a solenoid off a 6.9 0r 7.3 with a hitachi starter would fit my hitachi on my scout. $15 bucks later at Auto zone and it has worked great since.
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