Where to hook up mechanical water temp gauge?

Discussion in 'General IH Tech' started by hlb3, Feb 27, 2004.

  1. hlb3

    hlb3 Farmall Cub

    Ok, I am having a hard time trying to find a place to install a mechanical temp gauge on the engine (392), the hole for the stock electric sending unit is way too small. I am just wondering where everybody else has put them, I'm sure there has to be a few people with mechanical guages. If anybody knows of a brand of gauge that fits into any of the factory holes on the engine, that would be great, because I really do not want to pull the intake manifold off to drill and tap a larger hole. Thanks...
  2. lonnie dicus

    lonnie dicus Binder Driver

    are you sure? have installed several mechanical guages on 152,196 and 345 motors and all have fit hole where electrical guage use to be. :confused:
  3. Drive A Scout

    Drive A Scout Farmall Cub

    on mine, the gauge kit came with a set of adapters for the sending unit. theyre just brass adapters. im sure you can find em at any good hardware store.
  4. 75ScoutII

    75ScoutII Farmall Cub

    I think he's saying the hole for the stock sending unit/thermistor is tiny compared to the new mechanical sender bulb.

    Should be able to find a water plug somewhere. Might break stuff trying to get it off too.

    Water neck: You should get "normal" readings here.

    Water passage on the head: These readings can be hotter or colder depending on how close the passage is to the water pump. The closer the colder the reading, and the further the hotter the reading.

    I have two gauges installed on my Chevelle and I commonlly see differences of 10-30 degrees hotter at the head than at the water neck. My reasoning is cause of the heat soaked cast iron heads.

    Good luck.
  5. Doug Shailor

    Doug Shailor Guest



    I have yet to see a mechanical sender that will fit in that 1/8"-18 NPT holes. There was a thread on this subject sometime in the last 2-3 months. You might try a search to see what other guys have done.

    I put mine in the T-stat housing:


    I had to install an adapter so the end of the probe didn't touch the bypass baffle inside the housing. I have seen a lot of them installed in this place.
  6. Paul "Misterfixit" Schulz

    Paul "Misterfixit" Schulz Super Mod from Downunder Staff Member Moderator

    on one of my scouts i fitted a mechanical temp gauge by fitting a plumbing 'tee' peice on to the manifold where the heater hose gets its supply from, behind the carburettor. works well and is in the hottest area of the engine. that way i still have the std electrical gauge connected as well!
  7. hlb3

    hlb3 Farmall Cub

    Thanks for the pic Doug! I searched before I posted and didn't come up with a whole lot, I will try again though. Thats actually where I was thinking about putting it. I had a thought, not sure if it would work though, but drill a hole just big enough for the probe to fit in, then weld a nut to the thermostat housing for the fittings to screw into. I do like misterfixit's idea too, it seems a little easier, I will have to take a look around and see what will work the best. Thanks everybody!
  8. Will Marsh

    Will Marsh Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    You can also do that with any of the ports the vaccuum switches are screwed into, or just put it in place of the vacuum switch if you don't use it anyhow.

    If you don't know, the vacuum switches are the ones with the 3 ports stacked on top of them which may or may not have vacuum hoses attached. :D

  9. Doug Shailor

    Doug Shailor Guest

    Will makes a good point. Only some of the vacuum switches have 2 ports.
  10. Steve Z

    Steve Z Farmall Cub

    Instead of a nut, you should use a pipe fitting (cut to size (length)). Nuts have a running thread & will not make a seal (& probably not fit your sending unit/adapter). A pipe fitting is NPT tapered thread, made to make a seal.
  11. TATER

    TATER Farmall Cub

    When I installed an Autometer gauge, a hardware store adapter would not work. I tried 3 different( but similar) ones. I wound up getting the Autometer adapter. The other adapters let the probe wiggle around and not seal completely.
  12. Damian Grihalva

    Damian Grihalva High Wheeler

    There are pre-drilled holes throughout the manifold. Most mechanical guages come with adapters so that they can be put into one of the holes in the manifold.

    Here's a picture I found of one we did.

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  13. hlb3

    hlb3 Farmall Cub

    I tried one of those holes and it wouldn't fit, mine is a really old one that has been sitting in our garage for years, and it just has the one adapter and it is way too big. Maybe I can find an adapter or just get a new guage.
  14. budget76

    budget76 High Wheeler

    i know i know, thread revival :D its the only post i could find what i was looking for, almost :p

    i just hooked up my aftermarket guages, and when i went to put the temp sensor in the waterneck, it hit the thermostat, which is the same problem you guys had. i could just add another adapter to make it fit in, IF the carb wasnt in the way. i found one more bolt that it looked like it would have worked in near the back, top of the engine, but it refused to come loose.

    i know someone on here has mounted a temp sensor on a 196. where did you put it? :D i'm going to take another look tomorrow afternoon, but i'm pretty sure i only found those two spots. i really want to get this done before my wheeling trip on the 21st, so any comments appreciated :cool:
  15. Doug Shailor

    Doug Shailor Guest


    It is really better if you start your own thread instead of reviving one that is a year and a half old.

    I has to add an adapter to min to prevent this problem. The pic is in this thread.
  16. budget76

    budget76 High Wheeler

    i will start a new thread, but i figured why not use one that has pics of what i'm talking about. i usually start new ones anyway.

    i have the adapter needed to put it in the water neck, but i cant use it because then the carb is in the way.
  17. Tim Clendenin

    Tim Clendenin Farmall Cub

    You can still use these pics in another thread, just like using other quotes in another thread. Just tryin to help.

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