went to tellico again (pics)

Discussion in 'Southeast Binders Association' started by 86reddawg, Mar 1, 2004.

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    This time we stayed at a friends house in the gated community in tellico OHV park and i got to meet curly, the guy that builds all of the cabins in there - wow those things are beautiful.

    There were alot of crazy vehicles there, we were pretty much the only stock looking ones or mild suspension looking ones going around.

    We also went up a side trail up to beaverdam mountain where we passed the rock garden (picture didn't turn out so well)... sheesh, i can't imagine ever having a vehicle that could climb over that stuff...

    only saw one other IH there that weekend as you can see below ;)

    more pics of the weekend can be found here:

    all in all, it was another great weekend at a great place with beautiful scenery and weather. My only complaint in on the easier trails that go up the mountain, there is alot of litter there that just makes everything look alot worse. I really don't understand what's so hard about throwing that coke can in the back seat instead of out the window on the trail. Made me wish i had an extra day to go along the trail cleaning that stuff up so it didn't look so bad.

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