Well I bought a scout....

Discussion in '"International" Harvesters' started by MtnScout, Jul 10, 2017.

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    Frankly this might be an impulse buy but for the price I figured it's worth it. Will post some pics upon picking it up in the next week or two. Not much to talk about aside from it's a 1962 and I believe it's a truck version since it has a bulkhead behind the seat. Does come with a top though no doors. Body looks straight though rockers do have some rust I'll need to address with patch panels. It's partially apart at the moment which is fine as I'll strip her down.

    The plan is to make it our expedition vehicle so there's going to be a ton of work ahead. Not going to go too crazy as I'd like to keep the all in budget around 10k and I'd rather not make it so nice I'm afraid to take it off-road. Our house is being built at the moment so I won't be tackling this project until after the house is done and I've got a garage to use.

    Things I know I'll need is a pair of doors so if anyone knows a source, please let me know. Anyways, more to come...

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