Weight of Cub Cadet 100

Discussion in 'Tractor Tech' started by Ike T, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. Ike T

    Ike T High Wheeler

    I looked at a Cub Cadet 100 this weekend with a 44" deck. I need to know the weight of the tractor, but I cannot find that info at the popular Cub sites.


  2. Mitch Neal

    Mitch Neal High Wheeler

    I am sure a Traveler would haul it!

    Probably not a Honda though:devil:
  3. bryman

    bryman Farmall Cub

    heres my Scout hauling a 129. it almost fit, back door had to be tied up & had to take off cutter bed,,
    drove better with the weight
    take care loading & unloading

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  4. Ike T

    Ike T High Wheeler

    It will fit in the Traveler. Have to take off the steering wheel on the 100 so it will fit height-wise, or let air out of the tires. With the slope of the liftgate, I have to take off the seat as well and protect the glass with some foam or something. That 100 is sorta rectangular. The deck has to come off, too.

    I just want to know if my homemade 2x8 ramps can handle the weight with additional shoring.

  5. fredsterra

    fredsterra Y-Block King

    I think about 800-1k with the deck.
  6. bryman

    bryman Farmall Cub

    I made ramps with 2x10s
    worked (little bit of cracking sounds) for both in & out I backed up to a burm
  7. SCscoutguy

    SCscoutguy Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Tim you cant just pick up the front two tires put them on the tailgate and then pick up the rear and slide it right in? Seriously that is what I do with my grandpa's old snapper lawn mower sometimes.
  8. fredsterra

    fredsterra Y-Block King

    You could with a Cub Cadet, But your (BOYS) would be on ice for week! And then your back would be as bad! But your (BOYS) hurt so bad you didn't notice!

    I always loaded Dad's 129 in to the back of a pick up F150 or 1100 IH with two 2x10x10s. If you lower the tailgate all the way down it makes it a little better. Put some rubber between the bumper and tailgate.
  9. Mitch Neal

    Mitch Neal High Wheeler

    One word, Trailer!
  10. Ike T

    Ike T High Wheeler

    Thanks for offering! I'll buy you lunch at Waffle House. :)


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