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    Diesel Scout FAQ link (historical data).

    This list covers the part numbers from various suppliers for the SD33 series engines (SD33 N/A and SD33T). Note that SD33T specific parts will be listed as so, all others fit either engine. The post is locked, so email me if you have numbers to add. All parts will be listed with the manufacturer first, part number last.


    Nissan - 15208-61525
    Baldwin - PT-153
    FleetGuard - LF 720
    AC DELCO - PF-1052
    Purolator - L44754
    FRAM - CH3505 (put back in the list, apparently rumours of the demise of this filter were exaggerated)
    NAPA - There isn't one, no matter what the counter clown may say and here is why Click here for the reason, with pictures


    SD33 Normally Aspirated
    FRAM - CA-133
    Baldwin - PA-1735
    WIX - 42061
    FleetGuard - AF338
    AC DELCO - A218-C
    K&N - E-1090

    K&N - E-9080


    Baldwin - BF-979
    FleetGuard - FF5020
    WIX - 33341

    Baldwin - BF-984
    FleetGuard - FF196
    WIX - 33339

    FUEL FILTERS - SECONDARY Cartridge filter, mounts in canister ABOVE INJECTOR PUMP

    Nissan - 16444-99125
    Baldwin - PF-861
    FleetGuard - FF221


    NGK Y-103

    Good thread on Glowplugs.

    Contact Monarch Products 1-888-800-9629 for what we have found to be the best price and availability on NGK glow plugs.


    NAPA - 139 This for either the 180 or 190 degree thermostat. 190 NOT RECOMMENDED unless you live in Antarctica.
    NISSAN P/N - 21200-76205

    NAPA THM 139 180 Degree
    NAPA THM 544080 180 Degree
    GATES 33188 180 Degree
    GATES 33189 195 Degree
    GATES 33189S 195 Degree
    GATES 33188S 180 Degree
    STANT 13399 195 Degree
    STANT 13398 180 Degree
    STANT 45399 195 Degree
    STANT 45398 180 Degree
    BECK/ARNLEY 1430081 180 Degree
    BECK/ARNLEY 1435354 192 Degree
    BECK/ARNLEY 1430628 195 Degree


    Upper rad. hose - IH P/N 479332C2
    Lower rad. hose - IH P/N 479296C1

    The part numbers listed for Radiator hoses will get you the hoses from the Light Line Dealers (Super Scout Specialists, Bisio Motors, Mr. Scout, Light Line of Louisiana, etc) as far as is known, only JESCO, and the Light Line Dealers have the correct hoses, and assurances from John Glancy of SSS have been given that as long as demand is there, there will always be hoses.


    NISSAN - Pressure line for vacuum pump 14665-T9001


    NAPA/GATES - 9370 - Alternator, Waterpump, Crankshaft, 76-80 Scout, all models and configurations.
    NAPA/GATES - 7370 - Power Steering, For 76-80 Scout with A/C
    NAPA/GATES - 7360 - Power Steering, For 76-80 Scout with A/C and insufficient adjustment range using NAPA/GATES 7370
    NAPA/GATES - 25-9451 - A/C belt, 76-80 Scout, all models and configurations

    1980 with AC:
    AC - Goodyear 17451
    Crank, Water pump & Alternator - Goodyear 15371
    Water pump & Power steering - Goodyear 17451


    It is recommended to change ALL your v-belts at the same time with belts made by the same manufacturer due to slight variations in length from one manufacturer to another. With power steering squealing issues, replace BOTH the power steering belt, AND the Alternator or "Main Drive" belt.


    FEDERAL MOGUL - 2005-T - Throwout Bearing
    CHICAGO RAWHIDE - N1715 (throwout bearing and collar assembly with Zerk fitting)
    SKF - N1715 (throwout bearing and collar assembly with Zerk fitting)
    BCA - 202F (sealed) - Input Shaft Pilot Bearing
    NAPA - 6202-2SJ (sealed) - Input shaft Pilot Bearing
    NAPA - RCF331 - 11" Clutch Disc - Remanufactured
    NAPA - CA5426 - 11" "Rockford Style" Clutch Cover or "Pressure Plate" - Remanufactured

    SD33 pilot bearing
    ID: 15mm
    OD: 32mm
    Width: 9mm

    Brand Bearing number
    NTN 6202LLB
    FAFNIR 202PP
    SKF 6202-2RS
    NSK 6202VV
    KOYO 6202-RS
    MRC 202SZZ


    NISSAN - 21010-615Y5
    A-1 CARDONE Part # 571465 (@ Listed for all Diesel Scouts from 1976 - 1980.


    NISSAN - TL1Z-61B or TL1Z-61D


    The OEM battery for Diesel Scouts:
    Diesel Scouts built: 1 Apr 1978 - 1980 = "Group 31" type with threaded top posts. This is a common style battery in the Trucking industry. NAPA - "Commercial" Brand P/N 7238

    Diesel Scouts built: 1976 - 31 Mar 1978 used that same battery as the gas Scouts (note the battery tray is sized for the gasser size battery too).


    Click here for a less expensive alternative to the OEM solenoid

    HI-Torque Starter part # IMI-249 for SD33T from
    IMI Performance Products, Inc. 13432 Lambert Rd. Whittier, CA 90605 (562) 907-9400


    NAPA P/N 605-3127 - This is for a "Phillips-Temro" Frost Plug style heater.


    All Part Numbers are UD Nissan

    SD33T Cylinder Head - 11041-C6800
    SD33T Cylinder Head Gasket - 11044-C8701 - Steel shim type, with integral "Quad Rings"
    SD33T Engine Gasket Set - 10101-L6027 - Old part number, provided for reference.
    SD33T Engine Gasket Set: 10101-Z9125 - New, current part number (JESCO)
    SD33T Intake/Exhaust Manifold Gasket - 14035-C8701
    SD33T TurboCharger oil drain hose - 15119-90005
    SD33T Piston - 12010-90016
    SD33T Ring Set - 12033-9000
    SD33T Oil Jet Sprayer Assembly - 12121-Y5201
    SD33N/A Piston - 12010-J5310
    SD33N/A Ring Set - 12033-C681
    SD33 and SD33T Injector Nozzle Tip seals - 16635-J2000 - See the FAQ below for information about the Tip Seals.
    SD33 & SD33T Valve Cover Gasket - 13270-61502
    SD33 & SD33T Oil Cooler to Cylinder head Gasket - 21331-76201
    SD33 & SD33T Thermostat Housing Gasket - 11045-Z7000
    SD33 & SD33T Thermostat Gasket: 11045-NA000
    SD33 & SD33T Water Pump Bypass Hose - 21069-61501
    SD33 & SD33T Cylinder Liner - 11012-76200
    SD33 & SD33T Head bolts mains: 11056-37502 (14 x 1.5 mm)
    SD33 & SD33T Head bolts subs: 11059-76201 (10 x 1.25 mm)
    SD33 & SD33T Rear Main Oil Seal Nissan part number 12279-C8610

    SD33T Paint Code

    DuPont Centari, called "SpectraMaster Blue." It is a Greyhound a Bus Lines color. Paint Code Number is BS127A. You will have to have this custom mixed into aerosol cans, or use a professional paint gun to apply it. It is very durable, and heat resistant.

    The 1980 SD33T air cleaner housing is a different color than the engine, the paint code for the housing is below:

    Here are the codes for 59-65 pontiac blue, thanks to the following pontiac page:

    This color is well documented.
    Ames PN430, N181
    Classic Industries 59-60 Sky Blue 62180*
    Classic Industries 61-65 Turquoise 62190*
    *Not known why the two above are listed as different paints.
    DuPont 76981-D
    DuPont 93-76981
    Krylon/Dupli-Color DE-1610
    Performance Years RPE480
    Plasti-Kote 208
    PPG/Ditzler 11561
    Rinshed-Mason 62-015

    Thanks to Jared, DRobson, Eddie, Greg Hoffman, Cartwright, Mike Moore, Eldon McFarling, Jeff Nemish, strait2u, and Joel Webster for contibuting to the list.

    Locate a Diesel Fuel Injection shop near you.


    The following companys are sources for SD33 engine parts.

    JESCO - (Joe's Equipment Sales Co.)

    Mailing address
    P.O. Box 808
    Ceres, California 95307
    Location - 3747 Railroad Ave, Ceres California.

    Contact information
    Business and Ordering - (209) 537-5057
    Fax - (209) 538-0804
    Website -

    Who to ask for
    Judi Ericks (technical information and parts ordering), Enrique (tech and overhaul), any JESCO parts personnel are knowledgable in the SD33 also.

    DG Products
    1058 Kings Park Road
    Memphis, TN 38117
    Business and Ordering - 1-800-237-2184
    Alternate Number - (901) 685-0295 or (901) 523-1100

    Noordeman Diesel
    ADDRESS: 3 Hantke Place, Welshpool
    Western Australia 6106
    PHONE: (08) 9350 6566
    FAX: (08) 9351 8965
    Spare Parts:

    Noordeman Diesel supplies the latest generation parts for the SD33 engine family at very fair prices, and excellent customer service. Shipping from Australia, so bear this in mind when ordering. Prices very competetive with U.S. suppliers, most of the time lower than any U.S. supplier.

    Engine Australia

    RooDogs4WD Australia

    The following businesses carry some common SD33 parts and replacement items, such as filters, belts, and hoses.

    Super Scout Specialists

    1318 West Main St.
    Springfield, Ohio 45504

    Contact information
    Business and Ordering - (937) 525-0000
    Fax - (937) 525-9782
    Website -

    SSS is very experienced with the IH Light Line, and carries all the necessary parts for your restoration or modification when it comes to IH vehicles.

    Oil Filter Service Co.

    615 S.E. Market
    Portland, Oregon 97214

    Contact information
    Business and Ordering - (888) 232-5126 or (503) 232-5126

    Oil Filter Service Co. carries the full Baldwin Filter Line and stocks all SD33 related filters. Shipping can be arranged easily, and the staff is courteous, professional, and very knowledgable.

    Doug Scott Automotive (TN,USA)
    Water Pumps


    Online source for Baldwin Filters for the SD33 engine family.

    Reasonably priced Baldwin filter source.
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    Dieseltalk SD33 FAQ

    The SD33 family of Nissan engines are very reliable, strong, and ask for little in the way of maintenance. The engine uses industry-standard BOSCH injection system components (license built by Diesel Kiki) and is known world-wide as a reliable, long-lived powerplant.

    Info on Scout diesel MPG at the bottom of the chart in this link.

    There are performance upgrades for the SD33 series, mostly for the SD33T. Links to posts about those upgrades can be found below.

    Exhaust: Click Here

    Intake/breathing improvements:Click Here

    Propane injection:

    Injector pump "tweaks":

    Everyday-use improvements:

    David Lang has a "Performance Calculator" on his site, that gives good data on what kind of power can be drawn from the SD33 engine family with only some minor, proven upgrades. It also has several Gasser options too. To see his calculator, Click Here

    "Cartwright" a fellow Dieseler found some interesting information from Hastings (the piston ring people) about IH engines, mainly gasser stuff, but there is some IH D-301 and D-354 stuff in there ( for those of you restoring one of the 200 IH pickups built with Diesel engines :D)

    "There are cheaper engine kits out there for the SD33T, why can't I use them?" Click Here

    "If I want to buy a Noordeman Diesel overhaul kit, what will it cost me?"Click Here

    " I want to buy a Diesel Scout, what sort of things should I expect?" Click Here

    "How do I pull the cylinder head?" Click Here

    Want to know and understand Turbocharging better? Click Here

    The SD 33 engines use an SAE Flywheel housing, specifically the #4 size. While this makes optional transmissions feasible on paper, most SAE #4 housings were used for industrial applications, and not automotive. In the attachment box below you will find a chart showing the various sizes, number of bolts etc. for optional housings and hopefully this will make them easier to I.D. for you

    Pics that show the Flywheel Housing and SAE #4 to T-19 Transmission adapter.


    Rebuilding your SD33 yourself? You might want to put it on an engine stand, and here is the bracket that you should build to hold the motor.

    Click here for image
    Thanks to Tom Newell for providing this diagram.

    Bought a circulation-style engine heater and don't understand how to route it properly?

    Here is how it should be set up.
    [​IMG] Thanks to David Dixon for this diagram

    The SD33T was a drastically improved engine over the SD33 N/A engine, many design changes were incorporated with the addition of the turbocharger. Many thanks to Treven Baker for sharing this page from his library with us.

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    Diesel Engine Conversion Links

    A while ago, the Cult of the Diesel started some discussion threads about various engines for Diesel swaps. When the web site upgraded to allow a threaded view, a lot of these threads were lost in the archives.

    Well, I have found a way to bring them back :) Click on the one that appeals to you, and enjoy the read, and contribute your experiences, or your questions as you see fit.

    European Diesel Engines
    ITEC/ Navistar/ Ford Diesel Engines
    Cummins Engines
    Japanese Diesel Engines
    GM/Detroit Allison Engines (this thread has been altered to only include one discussion)

    I will add to this as needed. If you feel a link should be incorporated into this thread, simply PM me with the link, and I will add it after review.


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    This post is going have links to threads that contain valuable tech info listed by subject matter.


    ="" added 5 Feb 2012



    Glowplug, Intake heaters and other Starting Aids:

    Head Torque Procedure:

    Hp & Torque Chart:


    Injection Pump (Pic is from Eldon):

    Oil Pump:

    Supply Pump and Primer Pump: Screen Screen Screen Primer Good Pics of Primer and Supply Pump


    Engine Stand:


    Valve Adjusting:

    Water pump: (tug waterpump)
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