T-Handle on Scout II Hard Top Just Broke Off - HELP!

Discussion in 'General IH Tech' started by mmuthart, Dec 8, 2004.

  1. mmuthart

    mmuthart Farmall Cub

    I went to open the lift hatch on my '78's hardtop today and the t-handle twisted off into my hand. It was really baffeling - it took no effort. It must have been cracking slowly for a long time and finally just went.

    Anyway, has anyone ever replaced the t-handle on a Scout II hard top? I need to find one and take care of this asap. Can the tumbler's be swapped out of a different unit so I can retain the same key? Does anyone have one they want to sell me?

    Thanks for any help,

    Boise, ID
  2. Dan Meyer

    Dan Meyer Farmall Cub

    On the inside of the liftgate in the same location as the t-handle there are three screws. Remove them and the handle (or what is left of it) will come off.
    I tried to remove the tumbler but with no luck ... I hope someone posts with instructions. I have been told it is possible.
    I have an extra one ... pay for shipping and you can have it.
    Its not show quality, has a few pits, no backer baseplate and I dont have a key for the lock. I can e-mail you a pic of it if you want.
    Send me your e-mail address if you are interested.
  3. Baradium

    Baradium Lives in an IH Dealership

    There are 4 screws on the inside of the hard top. You want to remove the two outer ones, as well as the single screw on the outside. Then the t-handle assembly will just pull straight off.

    The tumblers can be changed, but I don't know how to do it.
  4. Meat Man

    Meat Man Farmall Cub

    All hope is not lost. The handle might be fixable. I haven't done it, but I think there is a round washer with a square hole in it. It locks onto the square shaft on the end of the T handle. If the shaft is still intact, you might be able to put it back together and fix the problem washer. Hope I don't lead you on a wild goose chase, this is just theory.

  5. Doug Shailor

    Doug Shailor Guest

    SII traveltop lift gate T-handles have been on the endangered parts list for years (http://members.aol.com/superscout3/endangered.htm). The Scout Light Line dealers (at least SSS) have an after market replacement but it is not cheap:


    However, I couldn't find it on their web site but that doesn't mean they no longer have it.

    You can remove/replace the lock cylinder in a stock SII T-handle. There is a procedure in the SII service manual in the Bodies & Cabs section. I have done it a number of times.
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  6. Erik VanRenselaar

    Erik VanRenselaar Y-Block King

  7. Rick

    Rick Binder Driver

    Thats crazy. Almost 10% of what I paid for my Scout. This is where I get pissed off. I mean, on the West coast, if you need something, usually an Ih friend 'gives' you the part. Just like Dan. I sold one to the previous owner of Anything Scout for $5, and that was almost mint. Did I need to make $100! NO! Just sold it even thought I knew he would sell it for 10 times the price. Thats just how it is. I just got one for free at Tulare. A rust free window frame at Pismo. Scout 2 winch bumper. Hard top. Stereo. Speakers and more for the same price. Why? Because that's what IH owners do. Maybe not all of the time but for a stupid liftgate handle, come on people.

    How about a free alt., window glass, rancho 1" lift, exhaust!!! My friend got a terra fiberglass top,good rear glass & the slider windows to go with it for $45.

    Since I'm on the topic, I'll give my vender vent now. If some of you remember, when IH started to give the rights/tool crap away, it was a field day. What most of the venders did back in the early 80's was buy all of the remaining stock left for the light lines and double the price for the consumer. That always pissed me off. Ask an old timer and he'll tell you what really happened. I'm all for capital gains but that was a crappy move.

    Off of my soap box now so im sorry if the topic was changed. Hope you find your handle and I pray you pay 0 for it.
  8. Bread

    Bread Binder Driver

    Wow, somebody paid $132 for that thing. These OE restorers are getting serious!
  9. Bill USN-1

    Bill USN-1 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Other than the rectangle piece to cover the original hole, it looks exactly like the garage door handle I picked up at Lowes. One of them and a small piece of aluminum???....Hey I just found a new business opportunity!!!
  10. 310scouts

    310scouts Banned


    You are right on target there. These ARE the same garage handles from 'depot. All you need to do is modify the base... and I think trim the square rod... or notch it, can't recall.

    I helped someone do this about a year ago... worked great.

    As for the tumblers... take the entire unit to a locksmith... $15 and matched keys!
  11. 310scouts

    310scouts Banned


    To exemplify your cause... I'd be glad to kindly have your Rancho set... :)
  12. GaryB

    GaryB High Wheeler

    Binder Books sells one that looks identical to the one above. $75. Guess when mine breaks I'll go buy a handle from Lowes and go have the guy running the laser at work make me a coolio plate. Inscribe little IH's in it too :D
  13. mmuthart

    mmuthart Farmall Cub

    Used T-Handle with a key from Super Scout Specialists -- $85

    Used T-Handle with no key from Back Country Binders -- $90

    The generosity of fellow web site lister -- PRICELESS.

    Thanks Dan Meyer for sending the used T-Handle you had for the cost of shipping only. It's installed and works.

    Mark Muthart
    Boise, ID
  14. jon w.

    jon w. Farmall Cub

    AWESOME! What we put out comes back ten fold!
  15. cv_scout

    cv_scout Farmall Cub

    Hi all-

    Sorry to resurrect and old thread, but this seemed like the most appropriate one.

    Any updates on this info? Has anyone found a bolt-in interchangeable unit? My handle is shot from years of rust and corrosion, and now I have an unused lock cylinder that matches my doors and ignition. I had to build one from a lowe's garage door handle for the time being. Can these be re-keyed to take the scout key? Does the scout lock cylinder fit in any other t-handles?

    Just trying to get one key to operate all locks since I already have two more keys for a lockbox and storage chest.

  16. Dennis Bernth

    Dennis Bernth Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I doubt you can get the garage door handle to work with the IH key, but I think it might be do-able to get the lockbox, storage chest and T handle to use the same key since those are similar type locks. That would be the way I'd go, then you'd only have two keys, one for doors and ignition, one for lift gate, lock box and storage chest.

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