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    A couple months ago, I started working on a '77 Scout II that had been sitting in a field since early 1998. It's got the 304 V8, the 727 automatic, and Dana 20 transfer case. I have since gone over the engine and finally got it running without using the ignition, due to it being frozen solid. The problem I have now is the transmission cable, also frozen solid over the years. I've read several threads over how to get the cable off but I can't find anything specific to my case. I have the cable disconnected from the shifter, but I can't get the pin removed from the linkage on the transmission, because it's bent in such a way where I can get it with my fingers or any kind of tool I have. Any tips on how to remove it? I can post pictures if necessary.
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    The cable goes to a flat(ish) metal adapter that is clamped onto the shift shaft of the 727 valve body.

    It is retained with a pinch bolt.

    Imagine a flat plate with a half-moon (keyed) hole, that is then slotted so the pinch bolt can clamp around the half-moon shaft.

    There are two such brackets/adapters on the shift shaft - the top IIRC is for the kickdown and the one under it is for the shifter.

    Loosen the pinch bolts, remove the kick down apply lever, then you can remove the shifter lever.

    Now you can sort out the cable on the bench not under the Scout.

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