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    To keep stickys to a minimum, I will try to keep the most important threads linked from here.
    First, all information is free but this web site isn't.
    So as you sift thru all I have posted here, if you feel it has helped or saved you some time or money...please consider becoming a member.
    Then head to the online store and drop a few coins to help support our efforts.

    Before you start here is a little introduction Video for your enjoyment.

    The most important question is:
    What system do I want?

    GM Based system.
    First came ECMs-Engine control management-
    Then PCMs-Powertrain(eng/tran) control management- These allow full control of engine and electronic transmissions. They can be MPFI-multiport, SFI-sequentialport, CPI-centralport or TBI-Throttlebody fuel injection.

    What parts do I need?
    What Throttle Body adapter do I need?
    454 factory adapter cautions

    MPFI-- Multiport fuel injection
    MPFI discussion
    1227730 install

    Option 1-Modifying the TBI/CPI 16168625/16197427/16196395/16156930/16245358 PCM for MPFI.
    First install-Batch fire with 7427 PCM

    MPFI Manifolds
    Drilling an IH Only aluminum manifold
    Drilling a stock 345/392 cast manifold
    Installing the manifold

    Then we need to be able to wire all these parts up so:
    What wires do I need to use for the 1227747 ECM?
    How about the later TBI PCM 16168625/16197427/16196395/16156930/16245358 PCM

    IH Holley Distributor stock specs and rebuild.

    And then.... what distributor can I use? (for FI and carbs) NO- your pertronix will not work for the EFI conversion

    Duraspark conversion using a Holley distr for carbs and EFI-Saves you $500 for HEI

    Duraspark conversion option 2

    Mopar conversion using the Holley Distr

    Prestolite-Mopar EFI conversion

    GM/IH Hybrid

    DUI/large cap HEI/Stock conversion

    Duraspark conversion using a Prestolite dist

    HEI for the IH 6 cyl

    Stock IH/Chevy Stovebolt 6 cyl Delco distr conversion

    AMC V8 Duraspark Distributor

    AMC 258 6 cyl Duraspark distr for carb and EFI

    IH MV series distributor conversion

    Once the initial installation is done then you need to perform these
    initial setup procedures.

    I built the Distributor, so what do I hook it to? (Ignition upgrades for FI and carbs)
    Ignition Systems

    In Tank Pumps
    Dual Tanks

    How about Dual Fuel options
    304 Dual fuel conversion


    Can you walk me through a fuel injection conversion step by step? Thread in progress!!

    What about Fuel Injection on a 4 cyl?

    Another 4 cyl TBIOnly this one has DIS- distributorless ignition

    4 Cyl MPFI- Just cause we can!

    TBI for the inline 6cyl crowd

    How do I remove Injectors or make my Fuel Pressure Regulator adjustable?

    Vacuum fuel pressure regulator conversion for TBI

    What VSS can I use?

    Hot Fuel Module-What is it?

    Basic Trouble Shooting


    How to remove the chip from the plastic carrier....Video!

    Chip Programming options

    How do I get the data out of the computer and then change it?

    Basic chip adjustments

    Basic timing table

    How do I install the Moates EEPROM adapter?

    How to convert from the 2732 EPROM to a 27SF512 EEPROM

    Where else can I go to get more information and reference material?

    What if I still have questions because you didn't do a very good job of explaining it?
    Take a look at this Video, it may help! :)
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