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    To keep stickys to a minimum, I will try to keep the most important threads linked from here.
    First, all information is free but this web site isn't.
    So as you sift thru all I have posted here, if you feel it has helped or saved you some time or money...please consider becoming a member.
    Then head to the online store and drop a few coins to help support our efforts.

    Before you start here is a little introduction Video for your enjoyment.

    The most important question is:
    What system do I want?

    GM Based system.
    First came ECMs-Engine control management-
    Then PCMs-Powertrain(eng/tran) control management-
    These allow full control of engine and electronic transmissions. They can be MPFI-multiport, SFI-sequentialport, CPI-centralport or TBI-Throttlebody fuel injection.

    What parts do I need?
    What Throttle Body adapter do I need?
    454 factory adapter cautions

    MPFI-- Multiport fuel injection
    MPFI discussion
    1227730 install

    Option 1-Modifying the TBI/CPI 16168625/16197427/16196395/16156930/16245358 PCM for MPFI.
    First install-Batch fire with 7427 PCM

    MPFI Manifolds
    Drilling an IH Only aluminum manifold
    Drilling a stock 345/392 cast manifold
    Installing the manifold

    Then we need to be able to wire all these parts up so:
    What wires do I need to use for the 1227747 ECM?
    How about the later TBI PCM 16168625/16197427/16196395/16156930/16245358 PCM

    IH Holley Distributor stock specs and rebuild.

    And then.... what distributor can I use? (for FI and carbs) NO- your pertronix will not work for the EFI conversion

    Duraspark conversion using a Holley distr for carbs and EFI-Saves you $500 for HEI

    Duraspark conversion option 2

    Mopar conversion using the Holley Distr

    Prestolite-Mopar EFI conversion

    GM/IH Hybrid

    DUI/large cap HEI/Stock conversion

    Duraspark conversion using a Prestolite dist

    HEI for the IH 6 cyl

    Stock IH/Chevy Stovebolt 6 cyl Delco distr conversion

    AMC V8 Duraspark Distributor

    AMC 258 6 cyl Duraspark distr for carb and EFI

    IH MV series distributor conversion

    Once the initial installation is done then you need to perform these
    initial setup procedures.

    I built the Distributor, so what do I hook it to? (Ignition upgrades for FI and carbs)
    Ignition Systems

    In Tank Pumps
    Dual Tanks

    How about Dual Fuel options
    304 Dual fuel conversion

    What about those aftermarket Systems?
    MSD Atomic TBI
    Holley Distributor Phasing


    Can you walk me through a fuel injection conversion step by step? Thread in progress!!

    What about Fuel Injection on a 4 cyl?

    Another 4 cyl TBIOnly this one has DIS- distributorless ignition

    4 Cyl MPFI- Just cause we can!

    TBI for the inline 6cyl crowd

    How do I remove Injectors or make my Fuel Pressure Regulator adjustable?

    Vacuum fuel pressure regulator conversion for TBI

    What VSS can I use?

    Hot Fuel Module-What is it?

    Basic Trouble Shooting


    How to remove the chip from the plastic carrier....Video!

    Chip Programming options

    How do I get the data out of the computer and then change it?

    Basic chip adjustments

    Basic timing table

    How do I install the Moates EEPROM adapter?

    How to convert from the 2732 EPROM to a 27SF512 EEPROM

    Where else can I go to get more information and reference material?

    What if I still have questions because you didn't do a very good job of explaining it?
    Take a look at this Video, it may help! :)
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