soft top and roll bar for scout ii traveler?

Discussion in 'Hill Country Binders - Central TX' started by Whitten, Apr 13, 2010.

  1. Whitten

    Whitten Farmall Cub

    Anyone know a good source to get a soft top for a scout ii traveler?

    I also want to get a roll bar or cage as well........any ideas for a source for that? The ones that i have seen fit on the well hub and obviously on the traveler it is further back. I don't see any online that specifically say they will fit the traveler.

    Also, I want to put a tailgate and hatch window..........any ideas on that?
  2. lonchair

    lonchair High Wheeler

    Seen the tail gate-lift hatch conversion done several times. If you do a search one should show up. If I remember right there was a good thread a few years ago with photos.

    Several shops make bolt in cages or you can find a local off road place to make one for you. The main thing to remember is for the cage/rollbar to be structural, it needs to tie into the frame. The ones that bolt to the floor and wheel arches in the back offer some protection, but are mostly for looks.

    Not sure on this one, but I don't think anyone makes a traveller soft top any more.
  3. electricbob

    electricbob Farmall Cub

    Did you end up with the camo traveller? I reccommend JK customs in hutto for a cage. Jason is a good guy and does great work. I think his number is 218*4222.
    If not call me and I will get you his cell #.
    If you find a traveller soft top let me know I need one for my wifes. I have an extra lift gate some where i think. I know I have a tailgate around.
  4. traveler*doug

    traveler*doug Farmall Cub

    I bought my roll cage through d&c extreme for my traveler. I bought the pre cut pre bent weld it yourself kit and modified it but they also sell it ready to install and have just roll bars or show bars. They took about 6 weeks to get it to me but that was 5 years ago and I've heard they are better now. It's not a frame mount just a floor mount. I got a safari top (full length bikini top) made at a local upolstory shop. I just drove the truck there and expained what i wanted he took measurements and had it done that week for 160.00.
  5. TheDon

    TheDon Binder Driver

    I was recently working with a boat guy (he does folding bimini tops and sails, and has a source for good materials) on the mechanics of a soft top for my Traveler. I sketched up the rails and mounting stuff, and roughly setup dimensions for the side and rear panels to be like the BestTop Jeep tops: the side and rear panels have see-through vinyl panels in similar shapes to the hardtop glass and would either roll up and velcro/snap or be unzipped and removed for a full length bikini top.

    He got it fabbed up and installed on his Traveler with material and everything but not de-bugged. His first swag was pretty good, just had to tighten up some of the material so it didn't flap around too much on the highway.

    He was going to make them for sale on a per-order basis after each of us got one and had the install instructions sorted out. He didn't fix the sales price yet, but from what we were talking about it wouldn't be out of the ballpark of what I thought reasonable.

    I moved, and moved again... and moved again... so I've ignored the project too much along the way... I'll give him a poke and see what's up, then get back to you guys.
  6. Terry W

    Terry W Farmall Cub

    I would be very interested in a traveler soft top especially if the sides zipped off and made it a full length bikini top. The only top I have now is a Bestop bikini. I had a soft top on my 800 with the tinted side windows and roll up sides and it was nice. Zip off sides would be perfect.
  7. TheDon

    TheDon Binder Driver

    This is a pic of what he came up with, before the tweaking and tightening. I haven't heard back from him, but he's a busy guy. He'll surface soon.

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  8. lonchair

    lonchair High Wheeler

    Did you convert to the square windows or does the top work with the stock Traveler/Terra windows?
  9. travbo24

    travbo24 Farmall Cub

    Hey Don,
    Any more info on getting one of those soft tops? I would love to come up with one. Please let me know if the guy would be willing to make another one.

  10. Traveler20

    Traveler20 Farmall Cub

    I could use one as well. I've been scheming lately how to design and fabricate one, but it would be much easier to buy it whole...

    Done right, I think someone could develop a decent niche business making them.

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