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Discussion in 'General IH Tech' started by ihnick, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. ihnick

    ihnick Farmall Cub

    I found the remains of a snowstar pickup in a pasture in my hometown. I didn't get much chance to look it over but it was still the yellow and white paint and had the snow star logo on the doors. Its pretty much just a carcass with no axles under it. The box is toast and there's another truck leaning up against it. If this was an ordinary binder id leave it but just cuz its the snowstar it makes me curious. Should I be cnecking into it? If it has the line settings ticket still in it, is the truck worth something or could I restor another truck with those specs? Id like to here what you guys think. He's got other stuff I want to contact about so im gunna try to get in touch with him. Maybe later I can get pictures.
  2. Mitch Neal

    Mitch Neal High Wheeler

    I have only seen one, it was on Ebay, I assume most of them are rotten and crushed at this point, so I would say it is pretty rare!
  3. Jeff Jamison

    Jeff Jamison Dreams of Cub Cadets

    Its basicly a stock pickup with a special paint job and a plow set up.I would definatly try to get it though,but I have every thing to fix it except the plow.
  4. rlireland

    rlireland Content Team Staff Member Moderator

    If you can, take a few photos of the SnoStar logo and stripes.

  5. ihnick

    ihnick Farmall Cub

    well i went and checked out the snostar some more. i dont think its worth saving.the boddy is too far gone. the grills smashed in, its pretty rusted out on the bottom and the roof has a nice size kink in it. i looked for the linesettings ticket but it wasnt behind the glove box. the motor is still in it but its so rusty and cobbled looking. im gunna ask the lady that owns them if i can get some stuff off it like emblems and cab lights but i think ill just let it rot there

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  6. John Glancy

    John Glancy Farmall Cub

    I disagree, it may need a frame off restoration but it is worth getting a hold of, there is no documented Snow Star Pickup in the IH community making it the rarest IH pickup ever built.
  7. dkterra

    dkterra Binder Driver

    Be nice if some one interested would have a place to store it if they could pick it up cheap enough.
    I have a barn I put scouts in until someone can fix them up or what ever, but it's just to far for me to go get it.
  8. Jeff Jamison

    Jeff Jamison Dreams of Cub Cadets

    Thats an afulley long drive for me,but any idea what she wants for it/does she have the title,looks like front axle might be missing.
  9. pweeks3

    pweeks3 High Wheeler

    I agree, that truck is unbelievably rare. Even if most of us don't have the means to restore it, it deserves the chance for someone who does to get it rather than part it out.
  10. Super Scout

    Super Scout Farmall Cub

    Hey Jeff I have a car hauler..... You have a 392 powered travellete.....Road trip ?
  11. Roger Wonder

    Roger Wonder Farmall Cub

    Ih nick,

    are you going to save this jewel? Jeff how about you? If not, i just checked and i am 325 miles from motley. I agree that someone should save this. With no axles, won't be fun loading. Maybe someone else in mn would like to step up and grab this. Nick, you have first shot, it's yours for the taking. I guess i mean buying as we don't know the price yet.

    I also have a trailer and new truck, so the trip will be no problem.

  12. J.J.

    J.J. High Wheeler

    Please somebody save this! I would if I were closer....

    JJ in TN
  13. jeff campbell

    jeff campbell Lives in an IH Dealership

    i agree if you have the room,save it! jeff
  14. Mitch Neal

    Mitch Neal High Wheeler

    Somebody needs this, as stated, it is only 1 of 2 that I have ever seen, so it is probably the rarest IH truck ever built. It can be restored, with enough time and money, anything can be accomplished.
  15. Super Scout

    Super Scout Farmall Cub

    Have you talked to them yet ?
  16. ihnick

    ihnick Farmall Cub

    i left her a voice mail the day i went and looked at it and she hasnt returned my calls. maybe this weekend i'll stop back over. man i was thinking of leaving it but you guys are starting to make me think to get it now. even tho it aint pretty, at least i can say i own a SNOSTAR! :rockon:
  17. Jeff Jamison

    Jeff Jamison Dreams of Cub Cadets

    With the title and vin tag,you can get a line setting ticket,all the body is easy to replace.
  18. rlireland

    rlireland Content Team Staff Member Moderator

    Thanks for the photos, but they're a little too small/low contrast to be of much help. Looks like you used a cell phone. Could you take a camera with you on your next trip out there and get some better ones? If we don't get the actual truck, at least we'll have some photo memories.

  19. ihnick

    ihnick Farmall Cub

    yeah its tough to squeeze in there and get some good photos but when i take my dad over there to look at it i'll try to get better ones.
  20. tim vaughan

    tim vaughan Farmall Cub

    guy still uses it.

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