Smith Mountain Lake Fall Meet Up Sept 20-22

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    Camping, grilling, light wheeling, wrenching and possibly some shootin.

    I (Wes Van Pelt) am happy to have yall down to my neck of the woods for some fun.

    LOCATION 1045 Chestnut Mountain Rd Rocky Mount VA 24151

    CAMPING I have room at my place for plenty of tents or a few campers with possible water/electric for 1 or 2 depending on requirements. Toilet is accessible inside. If you want to go offsite, Smith Mountain Camp ground is 15-20 min away with some vacancy. I plan in calling them tomorrow to find out exactly how much space is available. I will post pricing as well.

    We also have a queen guest bed in the basement with separate entrance that is available.

    GRILLING I have a gas grill, charcoal grill and smokers that will be put to good use Friday night and Sat night. Camp fire will be an option any time too.

    LIGHT WHEELING There is a short 3.5 mile logging/fire/state road that a stock 4wd Scout can travel right behind my place that has a few clearings to play in the mud or try a couple obstacles. I am also gonna try to pre run a trail over at Smith Mountain Lake that is supposed to be on the easy side. I will be in my F350 on street tires so if I can do it, you can.

    WRENCHING If anyone has a minor project that they want a hand with then please post up what you are wanting to accomplish. I have air, hand and electric tools for most things, a lit shop with welder, torch and a few other things.

    SHOOTING I am working on permission to use the neighbor's open hunting meadows for a little skeet shooting. If we can get it I would need someone to supply a thrower because my little plastic hand one ain't gonna cut it.

    If you are on our FB page please RSVP there as well.
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