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Discussion in 'General IH Tech' started by Alain Laverdure, Jun 27, 2004.

  1. Alain Laverdure

    Alain Laverdure Farmall Cub

    In my reserach I found that JC whitney have Scout 2 and traveler rear quater replacement panels for sale. My question is, has anybody ever used them and how do they fit, well I guess thats 2 question. oh well let me know.

    Thanks Alain

  2. Bill Hartson

    Bill Hartson Farmall Cub

    I don't have any experience with the parts from JC Whitney. I have bought both fiberglass and steel quarter panels for a Scout II from one of the Light Line dealers. The steel ones are a perfect match, the fiberglass ones you will have to modify the panel and your tub to get a good fit. I decided not to use the fiberglass ones and will be using the steel. Look up Light Line of Louisiana, Super Scout Specialists, or one of the other Light Line dealers for the parts.
  3. Bill USN-1

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    Re: Scout Quarter Panels

    The ones I saw from JC Whitney were rust repair panels and not full quarters. They only went up to the top body line so yours had to be cut and welded on the whole length of the quarter..
    I used a complete quarter and end cap from SSS.[​IMG]

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  4. William Griffin

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    If you can hold out till Septmeber, you could make a trip to the Nationals in OH and pick up all the sheetmetal your wallet can afford. They usually have specials at the show and the stuff "our" vendors sell is top notch. I bought some body panels from Whitney once for a Ford and they were extra thin and had to be modified to work at all. I got my Scout quarters from the old AT Scouts (now Scoutfx) at the Nats and they fit great.
  5. Chris Keck

    Chris Keck Farmall Cub

    The JC Whitney panels are designed as a over lay panel and are not complete replacement 1/4's, they don't have the right contours in them and don't look right, your better off buying a set of replacement steel 1/4's or fiberglass 1/4's from one of the Scout Light Line vendors. I ordered a set of JC panels when i was in highschool and they whee bad, ended up using them as patchs. I have installed both the Steel replacements and fiberglass replacements from the Scout vendors and both are nice products, the steel ones fit with no work but the fiberglass ones fit really nice with some mods to the tub to make them fit.
  6. Jim Grammer

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    Chris, I've read some of your prior posts about installing 'glass rear quarters. Good stuff, have some of printed out, and bought quarters at IHWR this year. Your recommendation on the 'glass units played a big part in the decision 'glass vs. steel for me. Can you give some details how you approach the tub mods?


  7. Chris Keck

    Chris Keck Farmall Cub

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