Scout II wiper motor removal?

Discussion in 'General IH Tech' started by Patrick Morris, Nov 7, 2004.

  1. Patrick Morris

    Patrick Morris High Wheeler

    Hi folks... I'm trying to trouble-shoot a wiper problem. The wipers have been working more slowly than normal recently, and now they barely work at all--in fact I'd say they don't at this point. I determined the motor is getting 12v when the switch is ON and it is grounded. So I am now trying to get the wiper motor out to see if it's corroded or by some other problem in need of fixing.

    I have the cowl piece off and have removed the three bolts that hold the motor in place. It's loose but I cannot figure out the right way to disconnect it from the wiper arm and pull it out. What's the trick?
  2. Patrick Morris

    Patrick Morris High Wheeler

    BTW, don't know if it matters, but in case it does: It's a '78 w/ 345 engine, 4-speed, no A/C.
  3. BigEddie

    BigEddie Binder Driver

    I just pulled the whole assembly. You can remove the wiper arms and then loosen the rings that hold the splined stubs to the windshield frame. There should be enough room to remove the motor and connecting arms together.

    Of course, removing the whole windshield frame makes it really easy, too!
  4. GregF

    GregF moderator Staff Member Moderator

    The long arm that connects to the passenger side wiper shaft has a sliding clip on the end of it. Feel for the clip(it will be on the back side if I recall) and slide it towards the passenger side and that will allow the arm to come loose. Then remove the motor assembly with the long metal bar still attached.

    Your motor problems are most likely related to worn brushes in the motor and or contacts inside the gearbox assembly. I'm not sure if worn brushes can be replaced. Others who have had brush problems should chime in now.

  5. Patrick Morris

    Patrick Morris High Wheeler

    Thanks guys. I've run into the typical problems with jobs like this. I cannot remove the whole assembly (as BigEddie suggested) because I cannot get the pass. side wiper 'axle' out of the windshield frame---the round nut-like thing holding it in just spins with the piece it's supposed to unscrew from. And though I have slid off the clip (that Greg mentioned) it didn't exactly pop apart at that point, and I am unsure of exactly which pieces to pry on, so I've been conservative with the force I'm applying. I'd hate to break something. I tried spraying everything with that PB stuff everyone raves about and letting it sit overnight, but it did not do any good.

    But it's all good advice and I thank you. I guess I'll get it apart somehow.
  6. jrmtx

    jrmtx Farmall Cub

    I hope someone is still following this thread since it is quite old.

    I am also trying to remove the wiper motor from my 77 Terra in an effort to get the wipers to work. I have located the clip by the pass side arm but the SHORT lip on the clip is as sharp as a razor and does not want to slide in any direction except for a fraction of a mm. Any suggestions on how to get the thing to slide?

    By the by, I have completed the install of my Holley 2300 carb and now the truck runs beautifully!!! Thanks to all who pointed the way to this conversion.

  7. fredsterra

    fredsterra Y-Block King

    I was having issues a couple of years ago. I removed the motor and one cover plate. Then cleaned with 2 cans of electric parts cleaner and works 100% better.
  8. Patrick Morris

    Patrick Morris High Wheeler

    Wow. Yep this is old. I guess I must have gotten the wiper motor out somehow by now. :)
  9. jrmtx

    jrmtx Farmall Cub

    fredsterra, when you removed the motor was the short control arm moving freely? Mine does not move at all. I removed the cover but the only inside was the electric contacts, a nut and washers in the center which I thought would let the short control arm to be removed. I had read that there was some sort of gear assembly but nothing like that was visible.

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