Scout II paint codes

Discussion in 'General IH Tech' started by DangitDale, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. DangitDale

    DangitDale Farmall Cub

    Just recieved my line set ticket. Pretty cool stuff. I am having trouble though, finding out what the factory color for my 72 SII is. Here are the numbers on my ticket. Paint chart 102S 6766BL. The closet I could find on the net was a 6756 for an International Harvester paint code, and it was medium blue. That is of course that I am looking for the right number. Nothing seems to match up for the 102s part of the number. Can anyone help me out with this?
  2. Steve Nieman

    Steve Nieman Farmall Cub

  3. DangitDale

    DangitDale Farmall Cub

    Cool thanks. Thats the color it is now, but it had a white top. I was kinda hoping it would be blue poly. I like that color. :yes: What shade of white would the top be for the ScoutII?

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