Scout II MPG for City and Highway Driving

Discussion in 'General IH Tech' started by K Kiefer, Nov 21, 2010.

  1. K Kiefer

    K Kiefer Farmall Cub

    Thought I would take the pulse of the group for separate City and Highway MPG for a Scout II. Along with MPG would like to know engine, gears, and tire size, or anything else done to that vehicle that may cause the number to be better or worse. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Darrell Tuxworth

    Darrell Tuxworth Binder Driver

    I'll play.
    11.5 city. 14.5 hiway.
    FI, .030 over bored 345. T-19, 3.73 and 33 X 12.50 mud terrains. built for the trail and constantly loaded with tools and spare parts for the trail.
    I was getting just a shade under 16 mpg on the hiway with 33 x 9.50 all terrains.

    WRENCH MAN Y-Block King

    Never checked it in town, I put gas in it when the gauge says to, on a long highway trip I can squeeze 18 out of it.
    It's got dog tired 304 with a Holley 2300 on it, 727 (POS) 3.08 axle gears and was rolling on pumped up rock hard 31-11.50's, I have a CR T-19 for it and expect the mileage to increase slightly if I ever get the slush"O"matic out of it and the stick in there?
    It's not a hot rod, if I want to chirp tires and drive fast in traffic I'll drive my Jeep! (my Rambler just SMOKES! the tires!!! :punk: )
  4. tdc

    tdc High Wheeler

    When my Sll sv345 was fresh (right after I bought it) I got 18mpg highway running on 235 75 Kumos and 3:73 gears.
    My plugs were gapped at .065" and timing was 18 degress BTDC, the TQ was rebuilt and it breezed through Ca. smog test.
    When I went to .035" on the plugs and 8 degress BTDC, the mileage went to 10-12 mpg highway on a good day.
    Since then, the distributor was rebuilt, module replaced, flex fan replaced the clutch fan, tires are 33"x12.5, still can't get past 12.
    Hopefully the 3:56 gears will help some.
  5. ProScout

    ProScout Farmall Cub

    72 S II with 727 and old/worn 345 with less than 105pounds pressure on each cylinder. 3:73 gears. Just got it back up and running. No idea on the gaps/timing. Still has points and a 4 barrel.
    Just filled tank back up... 7.3-7.5 mpg. I'm not happy :( Oh ya, 33 x 12.5s
  6. 2nd Scout

    2nd Scout Farmall Cub

    1980 SII, SD33T (diesel), 3.07s, 31x10.50s, T19, 26mpg hwy (average). I was getting 22.5mpg when I had 3.73 gears. I also made some turbo and fuel pump mods which bumped me from 25-26mpg a few months back.
  7. Super Scout

    Super Scout Farmall Cub

    78 Traveler 345, 4 speed, 3.73 35x12.50 I get about 12 thats loaded and trail ready.

    73 Scout 2 304, 4 speed, 3.73 31x10.50 I get about 10 but I drive it with a heavy foot.
  8. franco424

    franco424 Farmall Cub

    '77 with a 345 and 727. 3.54 geared 33x12.5s. 12 mpg city 15 mpg hwy.
  9. Longbow327

    Longbow327 Farmall Cub

    This might be kind of a silly question, but when everyone switched tire sizes and gears did they also change the speedo gear to adjust for those changes or do you take that into account when calculating MPG?
  10. mrendos

    mrendos Farmall Cub

    Where can one get the right gear and how to calculate. Original were 3.54 with stock wheel went to 3.73 and 33" tire, i know my speedo is way out was folling the wife as she drove the scout, she said she never went over 55, while at 65 to 70 i could not gain on her,
  11. 2nd Scout

    2nd Scout Farmall Cub

    Not a silly question. All my figures are corrected based on GPS data. I bought a speedo correction box for mine once I got the gears/tires way I wanted them.
  12. Jeff Jamison

    Jeff Jamison Dreams of Cub Cadets

    There is a way to calculate and change the gear.Iam running 3.54 gears with 33s my gear was changed I beleive to around ones for a 3.00(close dont remember for sure) Iam now less than 5 mph off at 65(complements of Ohio state police)
  13. mrendos

    mrendos Farmall Cub

    Yeah i was running that set up in mine, thought when i went with 3.73. Gears it would get closer to accurate but seems to have gone the other way

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