Scout II Dimensions Drawing (Work in progress)

Discussion in 'General IH Tech' started by Greyguild, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. Greyguild

    Greyguild Farmall Cub

    Hi all, following all the questions I'v been askikng about dimensions for my Scout II hull and with the help of a drawing made by "Thomas" from this board (Took the liberty of scaling it to match the existing drawing) I made a compilation of all the infos I had and added them to a drawing that already existed trying to make a more complete schematic...

    Please keep in mind that it is still a work in progress and that I might be wrong on some dimensions (Give or take 1/8"), if yes please correct me and I will update the schematic accordingly...

    So here it is :

    Like I said, a work in progress...

    Thank you to all of you that helped me so far...
  2. Mike Moore

    Mike Moore Dreams of Cub Cadets

    GREAT info! I've got a few dimensions from doing stripes and all, but nothing drawn up all cool-ified like this. Good stuff!
  3. kf7lcw

    kf7lcw Farmall Cub

    Great job and a great resource! :punk:
  4. Thomas

    Thomas Dreams of Cub Cadets

    ---Looks good for your truck. Don't take this as criticism, but I noticed a lot of the dimensions, mainly clearance/height/etc., don't match factory drawings and honestly, a collection of owners' measurements is not good enough to build from, so I wouldn't suggest using this as a guide for anything other than your setup for that one particular truck.

    ---The "1/8" tolerance" is an awful lot when it comes to design and if I'm correct, I watched, on the board, the birthing of that "quote"s misuse (just after VBulletin days), after someone who understood "allowable tolerance" and mentioned "tolerance" when it was in regards to bending/shaping metal, someone picked up on it (thinking it's "allowable" all the time), and for the following months it was thrown around like it is default in drawings when that's not so, after the drawing has left the original draftsman's table. It ends up being a grapevine of incorrect measurements after that point... if everyone adds their "allowable tolerance".

    ---I'd have to sit down for at least an hour with diagrams to verify those measurements. The originals are probably eight times the size of what is available. What is available doesn't even have a key, telling scale, so it might not even be "scale" problem is, the dimensions got all jam-packoozled and it's hard to read, but just glancing, without comparison, I'd say it looks great for your personal records. I have yet to look at my first hand-drawn sketches from when I stopped lurking on the board and asked... "Does anyone have the tub dimensions" and Tom Mandera politely told me he'd never seen any... lol. I repaired the sheetmetal without reference and then drew the Scout II's side elevation/view so I could put together a paint scheme. I have yet to go over that alf-hassed sketch and compare measurements to factory drawings. I just don't like going through that folder. It's in with too many clean copies of the side view (though that was with TravelTop off) I used to make the drawing I offered in the last floorboard post, done up on too-high quality paper, so it (and they) stay locked up.. LOL.
  5. Greyguild

    Greyguild Farmall Cub

    Just wanted to contribute... Sorry if it aint "Up to par"...
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  6. JeffR

    JeffR Administrator..Bigscout79 Staff Member Administrator Moderator

    No apologies necessary - thanks for the contribution.
  7. mrendos

    mrendos Farmall Cub

    does anyone know the dimensions on the top off windshield frame to rear seam on quarter panel ,where the end cap mounts up.
  8. John Glancy

    John Glancy Farmall Cub

  9. Greyguild

    Greyguild Farmall Cub


    If only I knew this last summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just bought the 77 Body Builder Book.... Money well spent I think :)

    Thanks a lot John... How come I never heard of those before???

    I've seen a lot of questions on this but noone mentioned it.... I can understand copyright stuff, like I won't be scanning pages, but will it stop me anwsering questions on dimensions if asked?...
  10. John Glancy

    John Glancy Farmall Cub

    This is a pretty recent product, we just got them done a few months ago. Thanks for the business! Feel free answer questions if asked, there is no harm in that.
  11. IHWILD

    IHWILD High Wheeler

    That is so awesome. I'm going to have to check that out. It might just save my truck in the long run.

  12. IHWILD

    IHWILD High Wheeler

    If you are only dealing with Scout II and travelers which body book to get? 1977 or 1980

  13. Greyguild

    Greyguild Farmall Cub

    I took the 77 cause I have a 75 and because of the price... What Can I say, I'm cheap ;)

    Can't wait to get it tho :punk:
  14. 46binder

    46binder Binder Driver

    I'm in the same boat as you Greyguild, not much left of my Scout to measure off of. I plan on using square tubing to make a floor and supports, but I am stuck on the dimensions. I read the passengers side is less due to clearance needed for the linkage, but as far as I can measure, both sides of the center trans mount are the same. Not using the SSS floors, got diamond tread for it so I need some numbers. Would like to know if book has floor pan dimensions and not just stuff like wheelbase and width, stuff like that.
  15. Greyguild

    Greyguild Farmall Cub

    As soon as I can tell ya I will... Just waiting to get the book ;)
  16. IHWILD

    IHWILD High Wheeler

    Get the book yet?
  17. Greyguild

    Greyguild Farmall Cub

    Arriving tomorow by UPS... I feel like a kid at Xmas eve :punk:

    Why do I feel I will be in demand all of the sudden :oops: lol
  18. IHWILD

    IHWILD High Wheeler

    I'm planning on buying the book but I'd like to hear just how detailed it gets. If I only need a couple of measurements and it doesnt go much beyond what we know then ill wait on it.
  19. Greyguild

    Greyguild Farmall Cub

    Damn it!!!!! I manage to screw up the delivery address and now I have to wait another 24 Hours for my book....

    Like I said I Did the mistake... Pissed me off....:nono:
  20. Greyguild

    Greyguild Farmall Cub

    Ok, just received the book...

    My Review :

    Printed on 11" x 17" pages, about and maybe over a 100 pages...

    Include Infos :
    Scout II (Traveltop, Traveller and Terra)
    Loadstar and Buses
    Transtar II and Conventional

    If you check for the Scout II including Traveller and Terra, it only take 15 pages of the book out of over 100 pages, out of those 15 pages you have the entire Electrical system, outside dimension and frame diagrams, also some data on PTOs.

    The price of the book is fairly resonable but so far the book cost me a pretty penny including shipping customs and taxes (yes quebec will do anything to collect money, believe me I know) Time will tell if it is worth it (for me of course) :yes:

    Very nice book, I am not sure yet if it include everything I was hoping for...

    Will have to study it more closely... :cornfused:

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