Scout 800 tires, color and weatherstrip support needed

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    I bought a 67 Scout in the US and will start a frame-off restoration in Germany in autumn.
    I have to bring all parts via container to Germany - that takes long and needs a good planing.
    I started to create a long list of necessary parts and run into a couple of challenges.
    - Which color should have the Scout? I attached a pic of my favorite color - does anybody knows which color code has these Scout?
    - Which tires/wheels? At the moment the car has 32x11.50R15LT and thats to big for me. The wheels knock at the springs.
    I would like to go with 235/75-15 a little bit bigger than stock. Could you recommend these size and is it similar like to the blue Scout on the pic?
    - The car has a front and rear vent windows on the left and right. Are the weatherstrips still available or any recommends regarding replacement?
    When someone has still a Sportop rear bench seat, quarter panels or defrost assembly - please keep me in mind :)
    Thanks for your help and I will start to post more picture when, I start with disassembling.
    IMG_9901.JPG IMG_0206.JPG

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