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Discussion in 'General IH Tech' started by Stan-M, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. Stan-M

    Stan-M Farmall Cub

    Can someone post a few pictures of a two wheel drive front end? I'm thinking of putting some of my spare parts to good use as a rat rod and I might be in the market for a 2 wheel drive front end. I have all the parts needed to make a conversion if anyone is interested, maybe we can work something out.


  2. Doc Stewart

    Doc Stewart Content Team Staff Member Moderator

    The early Scout 2WD front axles used 4 bolt rims whjich are a PITA to find. IF you go that route, drill out the drums for 5 X 5.5 stud pattern.

    My 2WD Scout 80 plan was to use a Scout II 2WD front axle which is a simple tube with disc brakes. Cut, sleeve and weld up the tube to the narrower Scout 80 size and fab some mounts for the springs. I thjink we figured that the 80 tie rod would work but a drag link would have to be fabricated.
  3. stu simpson

    stu simpson High Wheeler

    The early 4 lug pattern is the same as a Ford Falcon so steel and even mag wheels are available. Its the drums that are unobtainium.

    I am going the same route with the SII tube front D30 blank with discs. Don't need to sleeve, just cut the welds on one end, chop tube and reweld C. This seems to be the consensus from a bunch of folks (pro and experienced amateur) who have done successful cut/turns. Move perches or buy 1.75" perches and weld appropriately. The tie rod would conceivably work but the ends are much smaller so it would not be a tight fit. My intention was to do the Ford PS box which would require custom tie rod and drag link. Easy enough with DOM, sleeves, heim and ES150s. Could be done w/SII box etc.

    The SII tube axle allows you to use a 5 on 5.5 Scout 800/800A/800B flanged rear D44 which you can disc as well.

    Thats my plan at least.
  4. Stan-M

    Stan-M Farmall Cub

    At least I have options, I'd really like to keep it all 80/800, especially since I have soooo many spare parts.

    That being said, anyone with a II that's 2WD who wants to part with the entire frame please step up!!!! If you happen to have a need for 80 or 800 parts maybe we can work something out:D

    This is a genuine rat rod, my budget is 0.00, I have to make it with what I have or what I can trade. So far I have a decent '57 W****s pickup, I'm planning on channeling the cab and bed and would like very much to use up some of my various parts for the remainder. I have a low mileage motor and a perfect frame, a nice header that for some reason would not fit my plow Scout (dumped out right at the t case), that I plan on using as well. It won't be super fast but it will be light and fun! I also have a 727 that was bolted up to either 152 or 196 (doesn't matter, I have each) that I plan on putting to use. The only major issue is the pickup is 4 wheel drive as are all of my Scouts.
  5. ruderunner

    ruderunner High Wheeler

    Who said a Rat rod has to be 2wd? I think a set of say 6.00x16 fronts and some 31x10.5x15 rears might be neat and close enough in size that 4wd would work ok. Push the front axle forward or push the cab back.
  6. archerbobcat

    archerbobcat Farmall Cub

    i need front carrier assy for 1963 scout dana 27 would you be interested in selling one? Call home 518 834 1525 work 518 873 6386 ask for larry in body shop thanks

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