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Discussion in 'Scoutco' started by Mike Moore, Feb 9, 2011.

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    Guess why I named it that?:cornfused:

    I bought this Scout as an uncompleted project from my brother. It's a '79 SII, wide 4 speed, 3.73's and a rear ARB right now, but I'm gonna swap some stuff around for the end result of a 345 4bbl, 4 speed close, Dana 20, 3.54s, 33x12.50s (yet to be determined what tires). The body on this Scout is AWESOME, and I'll be working on getting the interior back in it, and making the underside look as good as the top. It'll be a long term project, progressing as time and funds allow. I plan to finish it and drag it to a few shows for a year or so, then sell it to a new owner (otherwise that 345 would have to GO!:tt2:).

    Today, I put the Scoutco-spec stripe on it.:yes:

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